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  1. October Hybrid Orders United

    So we agree that if they'd properly gauged demand, they could make and sell twice as many every month? I'm under the impression they're in the business to make money. Easy, missed opportunities for profit are something that absolutely keeps management awake at night, especially when that easy...
  2. October Hybrid Orders United

    For me it was a Honda Ridgeline RTL-E on a lease deal that made me stop waiting for my Maverick. I wonder if Ford realizes how badly their botched prediction of demand is hurting them now...
  3. Anyone Disappointed With Their Maverick? If so, why?

    They might have concerns beyond aesthetics when designing seat belt buckles! ;)
  4. Cars.com: How do car seats fit in the Maverick?

    If it's subjective, it sure is odd that every reviewer comes to the same conclusion...
  5. Ford sends out (blanket spam) email -- "An Important Update About Your Order"

    As an October Lariat Hybrid reservation-holder, this was an... interesting read.
  6. Factory cruise control enabled on XL with Forscan and Escape steering wheel

    Another example of Ford's needless segmentation between trim levels. Obviously CC could just be an option on the XL. smh
  7. MTC Sticker Decal Giveaway Contest [Enter to Win]!

    To be fair, you did say "ideal" (and hopefully people notice how I doctored the screenshot)...
  8. Fat Lady has sung

    Hate to break it to ya, but Ford will sell 100% of the vehicles they're able to produce for the foreseeable future.
  9. No Maverick Scheduling Next Week (11/22)

    A) They're on 12/14nm. B) I'm VERY comfortable with that node size for automotive. A mature node is one that can have well-developed specialty processes for things like heat tolerance and longevity. You don't want a gaming PC in your center console. Cutting edge nodes couldn't handle a summer...
  10. No Maverick Scheduling Next Week (11/22)

    There seems to be a lot of confusion here about scheduling vs manufacturing. No SCHEDULING for a week does not mean no PRODUCTION for a week. I have no idea if Production is suspended due to Thanksgiving, only that a scheduling break due to a holiday has nothing to do with it one way or the other.
  11. Dodge ram 1000

    "You thought the Maverick had a nose-down look? Wait until you see ours!"
  12. If Ford pull this off my Mav will be short lived and the Lightning will be in my yard.

    If EVs still give you range anxiety (and you ignore that most households own a second car that can be the "roadtripper"), take a look at Ford's patent for an ICE range extender that sits in the bed like a toolbox. Clever idea that eliminates most remaining legitimate concerns.
  13. Maverick chief engineer on any plans for PHEV Plug-in Hybrid and AWD Hybrid Maverick

    If that actually passes Congress in refundable credit form, it probably changes my reservation over to the fleet-model F-150 Lightning.
  14. Getting fed up...

    If you look at which truck is outselling the other, they may not be learning the lesson you want them to...
  15. Fully Electric Maverick EV hint dropped by Ford??

    I hope it takes a few more years to launch a Maverick Lightning or Maverick Mach-E (Ford has to start consolidating that branding at some point, right?)... so that I don't regret buying my Maverick Hybrid.
  16. Whatever happened to 'Fill Orders First, Before Stocking Dealers'?

    And pray tell, what exactly would this class action lawsuit be suing them for? You have ordered a truck; they will attempt to build and deliver that truck. Is there some contract you signed with Ford Motor Company that they have breached?
  17. Maverick "Rattler" Off-Road Prototype Spied Testing!

    The design guys and engineers can't do much to solve supply chain issues...
  18. Maverick "Rattler" Off-Road Prototype Spied Testing!

    With the limited ability to actually make the Maverick a true offroader, it seems like just calling this "FX4 Pro" or something would be a better choice than trying to build all new branding.
  19. Maverick Tow Hitch Cover

    Got the custom tow hitch receiver I ordered. Had to go a little bigger (9" diameter) than I would've liked so that the metalworker could do the lettering. If it winds up looking ridiculous on my Mav (whenever that arrives) I'll probably just drop the lettering and make it 3 circles around the...