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  1. Fuel Pump Light

    So, on my Hybrid a image of a fuel pump with a circle with a slash comes up while driving. Gauge shows over half a tank. Can't find any info on this anywhere. Anyone have any idea what the meaning is? Running on electric maybe? Thanks.
  2. Digital Compass

    So, why hasn't anyone mentioned the compass that shows up next to the speedometer? Is this a common feature on newer vehicles? My last truck was a 2005 Ranger.
  3. Tailgate Mat discontinued?

    Ford apparently discontinued (or removed) the separate tailgate mat from their accessory website, anyone know where I can order one that is a custom fit for the Mav? I have looked and can't seem to find one anywhere. Thanks.
  4. Any Maverick owners with NO problems / issues so far?

    Seeing all these threads from folks reporting all manner of problems. I was wondering how many people have taken delivery and have experienced no problems at all.
  5. Tailgate screw size?

    Anyone know what size the screws on the tailgate are? Look like T20/T25 from the pics. Thanks!
  6. Ford Tracker Down (Again)

    Been a couple of days since I've been able to use the tracker on my email link. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. Hardcopy of Owners Manual?

    A review I saw the other day seemed to indicate there was no hard copy owners manual included with the truck. That can't be right is it?
  8. 0% Financing?

    Anyone seen or heard if 0% / 36mo financing will be offered again? Ford website says check with dealer.
  9. Window Sticker Availability

    Anyone have any idea when a window sticker is available after being scheduled for production? My Hybrid is scheduled for the week of 12/6. Thanks.
  10. NWFL Folks

    How many folks have ordered From Gary Smith Ford? Any Thoughts?
  11. Song Of The Week

    Last weeks song was "Wishing and Hoping" This week it should be "Anticipation" by Carly Simon. 1971. Yes I'm an old Dude.
  12. Tailgate has pre-drilled holes for a liner?

    Anyone know if the tailgate has pre-drilled holes for a liner or a good option other than spraying to protect the tailgate?
  13. Maverick Commercials?

    Why are we not seeing any commercials on TV for the Mav other than the 100k reservations. Seeing ones for the all electric F150 not due out till next year.
  14. Factory window tint on Maverick XL ?

    Any one know for sure if the XL comes with window tint? Most of the pics show the rear passenger windows and back window tinted. If so, what are the chances of a local tint shop being able to match the tint for the front?
  15. Portable Battery Jump Starters

    Anyone have any thoughts on the portable battery jump starters? Okay for use on hybrids? Fire hazards? Thanks.