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  1. What Hidden Features have you noticed?

    The Ford Audio settings has the normal things like Bass, Trebble, etc. But it has a mode for "driver" which balances the audio channels for the driver. This is nice since I drive alone a lot.
  2. Build->Delivery Timing & my unique situation

    You should be fine. I'm in California, close to the factory and from build week to the day it arrived at the dealer was about 3 weeks. See my signature.
  3. Mabett FITS trash can option

    Interested, Link?
  4. Ford Maverick Tremor 10k market adjustment

    That looks like a $13,397 Markup to me:
  5. Factory Drop-in Bedliner Kit -- specs, part numbers, install instructions

    I wanted to document some tips for those who are going to install the modular bedliner, hopefully prevent some others from having issues. Like some others here, I had an issue with the adhesive strip releasing. In my opinion @Ford Motor Company and Penda should consider re-designing the clip...
  6. Factory Drop-in Bedliner Kit -- specs, part numbers, install instructions

    I’m having the same issue; is yours still holding and do you have a link for what you used?
  7. Raindrops keep falling on my bed...

    So today I came out and it had popped off. One issue is that the shape of the top bows out slightly. I pressed it back on so hopefully it sticks. I’m going to contact ford accessories and see if they have an idea. Worst case I can pull the front panel and work on bending it straight before...
  8. Walnut Creek Ford Orders Thread

    I forgot to mention the sales manager told me that their Maverick allocation has been increased recently so they will get more Mavericks produced soon. 👍
  9. Walnut Creek Ford Orders Thread

    it took so long that we managed to save enough to pay cash.
  10. Raindrops keep falling on my bed...

    So like an excited kid I got my new Mav home and tried to race some rain by installing my Modular bedliner. For the most part is was fine and it didn't rain too hard. One part the concerned me was the rain and the adhesive strip on the front panel. I cleaned the bulkhead with alcohol...
  11. Walnut Creek Ford Orders Thread

    I was 19, a few months ago I asked to be moved higher and they did it. Maybe I was first to ask, maybe they felt sorry for me. I have no idea. I picked up the truck today. MSRP was honored without issue, including price protection ($500 increase on 2023s since we ordered). No hard sells...
  12. The Oath of The Maverick Watch

    Walnut Creek Ford, MSRP, no surprises, no hard sell for warranty. Overall great, very relaxed staff. One of the few family owned dealers locally, they seem like they care about their reputation.
  13. The Oath of The Maverick Watch

    And now, my watch has ended
  14. The Oath of The Maverick Watch

    Mines at the destination yard waiting for truck to the dealer.
  15. Walnut Creek Ford Orders Thread

    My truck is in Richmond waiting to make the drive over. I’ve been in Contact and will schedule my delivery when It gets there.
  16. The Oath of The Maverick Watch

    Just a n idea that popped in my head
  17. The Oath of The Maverick Watch

    I've officially gone crazy: Order placed, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my delivery. I shall take no joy, hold no promises, father no hope. I shall wear no smiles and win no dealer priority. I shall live and die pressing refresh. I am the customer in the darkness. I am...
  18. MY23 Day 1 order: not scheduled, cryptic constraint codes & pricing silently increased?

    Cruise is standard, but adaptive cruise control is a lariat only thing and an additional add on beyond the lux package + CP360. In 2022 adaptive was part of the CP360 package, which has caused several people to be disappointed when they got their lariats.
  19. I know some of you will hate me, but now what do I do?

    :oops: VIN just popped into the transport company site...It's getting real.
  20. United Road Vehicle Tracking

    Mods: This link should be in the tracking sticky!?!