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  1. Recommendation for full bed access trifold tonneau?

    I’ve spoken to Paragon when the Maverick was announced and a year after I took possession of mine and they still have no plans to make a cover. Sad.
  2. K20 swap???

    Are you 12?
  3. Highway trip, cruise control at 75 to 80 mph -- what MPG to expect?

    If I Reset the counter and hit the freeway immediately up to 75mph I can average 30-31mpg using Premium gas. This at 5,400’ elevation in Colorado in a loaded Lariat 4K/Lux Ecoboost.
  4. Low coolant and oil

    Did you check these things immediately after you had driven the car and the engine was still warm? Your fluid levels will be low as it’s being circulated through the oil and cooling system.
  5. Which floor mats should I get?

    Tuxmat. If they don’t have the set for a Maverick in stock, search for the Bronco Sport version for the Fronts only. It’s the same design and that’s what I bought first and then purchased the Rear set for a Maverick.
  6. Front License Plate Mounting?

    In CO it’s required, but luckily my dealer didn’t install the bracket before I took delivery. I still don’t have a front plate and it looks awesome without it.
  7. Is there any aggressive looking winter tire out there?

    Toyo AT3’s in 245/65/17 look aggressive and has fantastic ride quality on my FX4.
  8. Race Chip for 2.0 Ecoboost Maverick - feedback / review ?

    CoPilot360 option. Mine has it when I engage the cruise control and Lane Assist.
  9. Colorado Maverick owners

    I’ll PM you
  10. Colorado Maverick owners

    Anyone out here near the Denver Metro area have ForScan? I’d like to enable a few modifications on my truck but am brain dead with computers.
  11. Race Chip for 2.0 Ecoboost Maverick - feedback / review ?

    Did it change the shift points from a rolling start? I think the issue is probably more a lack of boost than a downshift/throttle position. Dunno. Thoughts?
  12. Winter set for Lariat thinking of going with 17 in rims

    I have the factory black FX4 wheels w/245/65 Toyo All Terrains in 17” and it rides softer than the factory wheel/tire combo. I have a hard time believing those aluminum wheels are actually manufactured in Italy as even the regular price is under $200. It’s a great price if it’s true.
  13. Winter set for Lariat thinking of going with 17 in rims

    You’re over thinking this. If this decision comes down to the convenience of having to swap wheels and tires once a year, then get the steel wheels and save the money. Most factory cast aluminum wheels are heavy because they use more material than a comparable steel wheel for the same strength...
  14. Crutchfield research on the non B&O system incoming...

    Hell yeah, dude. Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely be using an amplifier as it’s a key, must have component in a good system.
  15. Colorado Maverick owners

    I have an EB AWD FX4 with A/T tires and it’s great. I get 31mpg freeway driving and like knowing that I have AWD and can hit the throttle to straighten the rear end out if it slides. You still need to know how to drive in bad weather and AWD can further your safety margin.
  16. Maverick issues; lawsuit? Class Action???

    ^^^^Hail scares me too. Sorry that happened to you.