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  1. 3rd production shift being added for Maverick assembly at Hermosillo plant in July!

    I didn't see anything posted on this, but the Maverick plant is adding a 3rd shift! I hope this means more hybrids coming. https://www.uniradioinforma.com/noticias/hermosillo/696957/abriran-en-julio-un-tercer-turno-en-planta-ford-hermosillo.html#gsc.tab=0 Translated text: A third shift will...
  2. Zero problems with my hybrid.

    Except that Ford probably won't build it! If I'm lucky I may have it sometime next year. As a loss leader, I don't think they want to build more, even if they could.
  3. Possible fog light solution.

    It's going to be a long time until I get my Maverick, but I may've just found a simple solution to adding fog lights to it. Maxxima M50412 grommets with DOT approved par 36 led lights. These are the same lights sold as upgrades for the driving lights on full dresser HD bikes. I think the angle...
  4. Rover King Campers?

    Has anyone looked into Rover King Campers for the Mavericks? I know they are close to the correct size, can sleep 3 and weigh as light as 640#. Seems like a good option. https://roverking.ca/midsize-offroad-truck-camper/