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  1. Georgia Maverick Interior Parts For Sale

    Maverick is sold - here is what I have left: 1. Set of hybrid all weather mats, used less than 1 month. $115 shipped, $100 pickup NW GA. 2. Commonly used Kia auto dimming mirror. $25 shipped 3. Musology center console organizer. $20 shipped
  2. Has anyone "fixed" the center B&O speaker cover?

    I think all B&O equipped Mavericks have poorly fitting center speaker grilles. Looks like it needed one extra clip front/center. I have been trying to come up with a way to fix this, but also not seal it permanently just in case. I can find mentions of the issue on here but not where anyone...
  3. FordPass - Cannot Schedule Start

    All of my FordPass features work except for scheduling starts. No matter what I do, it just gives me an error "cannot schedule start" with no further explanation. Anyone else have this issue, and were you able to resolve it?
  4. Hybrid Lariat Lux covered 800 miles on Day 1 and got 500+ miles on first tank of gas

    376 days from order confirmation, I picked up my Cyber Orange Lariat Lux Hybrid from Chapman Philadelphia on Monday 10/24 and immediately drove it 800 miles home. This isn't my first experience with a Maverick - I owned a FWD XL EB for 2,000 miles earlier this year. I waited longer for this...
  5. Maverick IIHS page is active

    The Maverick now has its own IIHS page, link below. Note as of now they have only tested the seatbelt reminder criteria. The score was "poor" which is surprising given how much complaining has taken place on the forum about the seatbelt display and chimes...
  6. Maverick Price Increased as of 7/1

    During the order modification of one of my 2022 orders, my dealer realized that Ford has increased prices on the Maverick as of today. A base Lariat Hybrid MSRP went up $1,000 from $25,860 to $26,860.
  7. Long McArthur Review - A-

    I've been a long time defender of Long McArthur on the forum, and I have a lot of respect for @fordvideoguy and his contributions to this forum and the general "experience" that has been the Maverick and its ordering process. I have a hybrid on order from Chapman - but that is neither here nor...