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  1. Ceramic Coating feedback?

    I'm strongly considering getting the ceramic coating on my Alto Blue Lariat. I welcome any feedback from those who have had it applied to their Mav. Are you still supposed to occasionally wax the exterior as on a normal paint job, or does that mess it up?
  2. Are Mavericks only delivered with front floor mats?

    I was kind of surprised there are no rear floor mats in my '23 Maverick Lariat because the new Ford deliveries we receive at work come with all four. Did I get gypped, or are Mavericks only delivered with the front set?
  3. Playing CDs via the USB port.

    I have a fairly large CD collection and a Dell slim portable CD / DVD-RW drive with the USB connection that I use to play CDs on my laptop, which did not come with an internal CD drive. I thought maybe I could just plug it in the USB port in the console and it would play. Nothing happened when I...
  4. SiriusXM

    I have what Sirius now calls the 'Platinum' package on my Focus and received an email a few days after picking up my '23 Lariat Lux congratulating me on my new truck. They appear eager for me to update my account by adding the new truck with this carrot "and you won't lose any of your trial."...
  5. Ford-backed Rivian EVs

    I saw one of these pickups today for the first time. If there is an uglier front end, I haven't seen it yet...
  6. Aftermarket Accessories

    I just ran across something on Amazon that I had not even considered. "2022 Frod Maverick Glass Screen Protector 8 Inch Infotainment Display. Tempered Glass 9H Anti-scratch Navigation Center Control Maverick Touchscreen Protective Film." Yes, they actually misspelled Ford.
  7. Front Bumper Blind Covers

    Forgive me if this has been addressed in a previous thread. Does anyone know if the two rectangular covers below the headlamps might be the location for a future fog light option?
  8. 2023 Order Guides when?

    Typically, how far in advance before an order bank opens does Ford put up the order guides on Ford.com?
  9. Hard credit pull when ordering

    I was curious if many of you are finding that dealers are insisting to run your credit when you order? Although I have pretty good credit, I don't like the idea of an extra "ding" on my credit report when they will definitely have to do it again when my vehicle shows up 8 months to a year later...
  10. Luxury Package a la carte to avoid constraint

    New member here! I have been watching a bunch of Maverick videos, mostly by Tim Bartz @ Long McArthur Ford and Johnny's Car Care, attempting to learn as much as I can before placing my order. I believe it would help resolve constraint delays on builds if Ford would offer some of the Luxury...