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  1. manual passenger seat won't recline

    tried to recline the passenger seat in my xlt lux this morning and found that the seat back would go back or forward. not a giant issue as i usually don't have passengers in the truck but it's another thing to have fixed at the next service. anyone else have this issue? search function didn't...
  2. Larger rear speakers possible?

    Has anyone tried fitting larger diameter speakers in the rear yet? I’d really like to use something bigger than 4” coaxial speakers but I’m not a pro installer, so it would have to be relatively easy to install. Ideas?
  3. Another bike hauling thread, Yamaha R6

    I bought this truck just to haul the bike to the track. Didn’t think it would fit in the bed when I ordered it but I’m stoked that it does! Even after measuring it multiple times, it fits w more room that I thought it would. PittRace bound in the am!
  4. Rear speaker replacement question

    For those who have replaced the rear speakers, has anyone mounted them to the c pillar vs the trim? And has anyone stuffed a larger speaker back there yet? What happened to the guy putting 4x6’s back there?
  5. Fuel level sending unit…

    Picked my maverick up today from having the tank replaced. Since it had 1/2 tank, I filled it up to make sure all was good with the install. Glad I did as the fuel gauge didn’t go up and the miles to E didn’t change. Tank needs to come out to access the sending unit. Driveshaft needs to come...
  6. Current software versions?

    Do we have a thread listing the current software versions? I’ve seen people post their radio had a software update, but mine hasn’t had one.
  7. Dealer parts discount?

    Are there any ford dealers on here extending a forum discount on oem parts? Looking for a piece of interior trim…
  8. Saw you in Akron Ohio today!

    I finally saw one in the wild today, and wouldn’t you know it, it was my twin! Congrats on your truck, stranger! 2/1/22 Akron, Ohio i76w, 10am
  9. Have you changed your oil yet? Oil life monitor question.

    For those that have changed their oil already, did the oil life monitor reset on its own? Or did you have to reset it manually? Just trying to determine how “intelligent” it is.
  10. The Smoking Tire & Mike Musto talk Maverick [Podcast]

    34 minutes in, Mike talks with Matt about driving the Maverick. #validatemydecision The Smoking Tire 691
  11. Is this the newest audio update?

    Check for updates tonight (none) and am just wondering/making sure I have the most recent audio software. Anyone have a newer build?
  12. ACTUAL/Factual differences in drive modes?

    I’m curious if anyone has ever seen the actual differences in the stock programming of the drive modes? Not speculation, but factual differences. Is this something you can see in forscan, or whatever tuning software shops like Buschur and Cobb are using? For example, it’s reasonable to think...
  13. Awesome custom paint!

    Who is this? Has this been posted already? Stolen from ig.
  14. Online retailers that take ford points?

    Are there any online dealers that both discount ford accessories & accept the ford pass points? Pfeiffer had a great price on mud guards but said they don’t take the points.
  15. Videos don’t play?

    Has anyone else noticed that when users post videos on here, you can’t play them if you’re on a mobile device? At least I can’t. Is this a setting on my end? Something in the forum to limit bandwidth?
  16. Custom FITS accessories?

    Who’s gonna be the first person to offer custom printed FITS accessories? 93 bottle holders in the truck and the camel back I take to the gym 3-4 days a week doesn’t fit in any of them. I thought Ford was going to release the file?
  17. Picking up Saturday 12/4 from Chapman

    This Saturday (12/4) I am flying into Philadelphia international from Ohio, to take possession of my Maverick from Chapman Ford in Horsham. I’ll be driving it 400 miles home that day. If anyone has any questions or picture requests that haven’t been answered elsewhere, post them here and I’ll...
  18. Fluidfilm type undercoatings?

    Im taking delivery next weekend and want to spray it with something to help protect it from road salt here in Ohio. Has anyone sprayed their trucks with fluidfilm (or another similar spray)? How many cans did you use? Where all did you spray?
  19. How’s the heater?

    Now that it’s getting colder up north, how the heater? More importantly, WHERE does the heat blow? I find a lot of vehicles direct the heat more towards my shins, vs my feet when I drive. Where does the maverick direct the air to?
  20. So close now!

    My maverick has finally been delivered after sitting in rail yard inspection limbo for a few days. Unfortunately I changed my airline ticket to Dec 4th! Looks like it’s gonna have to sit at the dealer for a few days. And just to top things off, my furnace died today! So least things are exciting...