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  1. This is how I install my Ipad in my hybrid Maverick

    What’s with all the sarcasm. Seems like a great way to mount a tablet, and it was nice of him to share it.
  2. Holy cow Batman. My Maverick has a terrible blind spot problem.

    This is how I set my mirrors: Blog Post | Tips for accurately adjusting your side and rear view mirrors. | Car Talk
  3. Air Design Satin Black Fender Flares on Alto Blue Maverick

    How much protection from chips do these provide for the exposed edge of the body that wraps into the wheel well? Photos?
  4. Mice in Cab - where do they get in from?

    I honestly don't know how a mouse would get into your truck with the doors closed. Have you checked your air filter, to see if it could have chewed through that? Many years ago, I was traveling around the country in an old '84 Subaru to climb in various areas like Yosemite, Hueco, etc...
  5. Would extra weight in the bed help with snow traction?

    I drove my hybrid through a Colorado winter last year, and it handled surprisingly well. Coming from a AWD Subaru and AWD Honda Element, I wasn’t expecting my FWD truck to do very well. But it’s actually pretty solid and predictable. Way better than any old RWD truck that I’ve driven. I don’t...
  6. Cruise Control for XL: Factory hack or Rostra?

    Installing factory cruise control isn't a hack, since it uses Ford's actual hardware and software settings. Should a Ford dealer reset the settings during service or something, you can just set them again. Rostra is actually a hack, since it uses non-Ford hardware and software.
  7. Poorly Executed Door Design

    I don't know how wide they are, but they fit in the door and in the cup holder very well. I have four of them, and my wife and I rotate through them on longer trips.
  8. 2023 Escape vs Maverick display screen 😖

    What are the benefits of a larger screen that people feel like they are missing? The current one seems big enough for navigation maps, backup camera, audio, CarPlay apps, etc. The cubby provides a nice place to install a mount for my phone. I don’t want digital controls for things like HVAC...
  9. The ultimate 2.0 Maverick would be 5 speed!

    I swore that I'd never buy a vehicle with an automatic transmission. Conventional automatic transmissions are always hunting, they suck on hills, and aren't fun to drive. So, I was pretty nervous about buying a hybrid with an automatic transmission--with a dreaded CVT at that! But here's the...

    Nice review of what looks like a great truck. I do wonder about reliability. But China's manufacturing is getting more solid every year. While I'm not a fan of China's political system, I can't say that I don't buy a LOT of other stuff from China...
  11. Myths Busted

    This whole thread is ridiculous. Busting myths requires evidence, substantiation, valid methodology, sources, etc. Instead, all that’s being presented is a very limited understanding of how antiquated hybrid systems may have worked. Nothing about a modern system like Ford has installed in the...
  12. Myths Busted

    Unfortunately, many of your "facts" are actually wrong. For example, the EV system is actually frequently activated at highway speeds, for longer than 20-30 seconds. The computer knows when the ICE is under low load, such as occurs when cruising along at an even speed on level terrain, so the...
  13. Shuddering Hybrid

    My truck did this today while driving through my residential neighborhood. I had just left a stop sign, turned right, and was gently accelerating. As others have described, it felt and sounded like rumble strips. I pressed a little harder on the gas, and it went away. I feel like it most likely...
  14. Tailgate cable/gate continutes -

    I have never dropped my tailgate, and the cables are too long. But the truth is that dropping the gate shouldn't cause this problem. The tailgate is very lightweight, and the cables & fittings are strong enough to take a LOT more abuse without stretching.
  15. No Maverick for me!

    @Ford Motor Company, this sort of story is too common. While most people understand that making trucks is difficult these days, I think it's harder to understand when eager customers get put through the ringer with crap like this.
  16. Happy I'm buying a hybrid and not a total EV

    1. If your car becomes submerged in salt water, it should be in a scrap yard--regardless of whether it's gas or electric. The scrap yard will remove the battery to prevent fires. 2. Not necessarily. I can plug in my EV pretty much anywhere there's power--including a 120v outlet (slow), or even a...
  17. Happy I'm buying a hybrid and not a total EV

    1. All vehicles are permanently damaged after being submerged in salt water. 2. All vehicles will run out of fuel if idling in traffic for long periods. 3. Gas stations usually have massive lines and/or run out of gas to sell during evacuations. All of that said, I would prefer a vehicle with...
  18. Rumor: Toyota RAV4 Truck Will Tackle the Ford Maverick for Revenge

    Motorbiscuit isn't worth a handful of free yard clippings.
  19. 7th sense research

    Yes, Ford sells customer data. Pretty much every company sells customer data these days. When I used to work in marketing, I could buy data that included political party affiliation, pet ownership, home cost, how many people lived in the house, income, the number of kids and/or grandparents...
  20. Is $19,000 a fare price for a used 2022 Hybrid Maverick

    You can probably get $30,000 if you sell it yourself.