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  2. Bronze painted RTX ranch wheels on Oxford White Maverick

    Great choice. Truck looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Spring End Deals at Discount Tire!

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  4. Georgia Where can I buy replacement XL rims?

    There are quite a few aftermarket wheel set ups that would look amazing on the Mav! Just a quick FYI...Our Memorial Day specials/sales are scheduled to drop this evening/tomorrow morning. Stay tuned. @es7129 thank you for the shout out!
  5. Tires warping at 6,000 miles

    Sorry I'm late to the conversation. I know your question has been answered, but radial indentations are prevalent in the vast majority of radial tires. Some are just more noticeable than others. Completely normal condition. That being said, if the indentation is severe, it can be adjusted by...
  6. Wheel balancing weights on the wheels from factory?

    The pull that you are experiencing could be a simple air pressure issue. I would recommend starting there. If the air pressure is consistent, then move on to having the alignment checked. Start small and work your way up "the food chain" to correct the pull.
  7. Ford Maverick Tire Differences XL vs Lariat Issue (Tire Upgrade Fit 17 to 18 inches for XL Model)

    You would be correct. I went back and looked at the numbers. I wrote the numbers down, looked at them for reference...turns out my 6 looked like a 0. I typed it wrong in the forum. My apologies.
  8. Ford Maverick Tire Differences XL vs Lariat Issue (Tire Upgrade Fit 17 to 18 inches for XL Model)

    So I've taken a dive down that rabbit hole trying to find the "smoking gun" that gives us the answer we are looking for. One thing that stands out is total curb weight. Some Mavericks have a curb weight of 3,074 lbs and others have a curb weight of 3,750 lbs. 676 lbs doesn't sound like a lot...
  9. Ford Maverick Tire Differences XL vs Lariat Issue (Tire Upgrade Fit 17 to 18 inches for XL Model)

    I don't have an answer at my fingertips, but let me dive into this a little deeper. We'll figure it out together. I'll have an answer for you soon.
  10. Ford Maverick Tire Differences XL vs Lariat Issue (Tire Upgrade Fit 17 to 18 inches for XL Model)

    Hello All. Ok here's the deal...the 100H SL tire, at 36 psi does not meet the load carrying capacity that the vehicle requires. The 104 XL, on the other hand does. It's a small difference in load carrying capacity, but a difference none the less. At one time, Michelin did make a Cross...
  11. What Tires and Wheels are these?

    The picture is pretty dark. Hard to say. If I had to guess...Fuel D633 (Zephyr)
  12. Lowered on powdercoated Focal F20 wheels.

    Great looking set up. Like the contrast. Will turn some heads! Thank you for the update.
  13. 265/60/18 tires on stock Lariat?

    265 mm translated to inches is 10.43 inches. Mounted on a 7" wide wheel you will be closer to 11" overall width from sidewall to sidewall. You should be OK.
  14. Spring End Deals at Discount Tire!

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  15. Spring End Deals at Discount Tire!

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  16. 265/60/18 tires on stock Lariat?

    I have seen the 265/70R17 on the Maverick. That tire stands 31.5 inches tall depending on brand. The 265/60R18 stands roughly30.50" tall. In theory, you should be ok.
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  18. Switching tires

    Thank you for sharing. Very helpful. The truck looks awesome.
  19. Are the tires under warranty?

    Sidewall indentations are normal, and every radial will have them to a degree. Some are more noticeable than others. That being said, an excessive sidewall indentation may be prorated by the manufacturer if necessary.