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  1. New 2023 Maverick Lariat Tremor

    Me neither but I have driven a few. They get zoomy.
  2. My Cyber Orange is finally here!

    I tried to get my Tremor in CO but they wouldnt let me. Got HPR instead.
  3. FX4 Maverick to the rescue! (x2) recoveries in the snowy mountains of Utah

    To comment on the validity and safety of the "the dynamic pull". i did this same sort of pull in the snow using a cj7 to get a 18wheeler unstuck. He only dipped his steer tires off the parking lot a bit but the snow and ice was enought to render his 8 traction tires useless. So i came to the...
  4. Tremor Maverick with ARE camper shell and roof rack

    The OTR option is the big addition on it. Even my hpr tri coat paint costs less that that bedliner paint. But if its what you want, you buy it.
  5. New 2023 Maverick Lariat Tremor

    Nice, feel free to keep us posted on your opinions of it.
  6. 2024 Ranger & Ranger Raptor build & price is LIVE

    Yeah but if you load up what you want on a ranger then you start getting into F150 territory. Ofcourse once you load up a f150 right you may aswell go into a pickup modified F650!
  7. Ford Maverick ST concept build

  8. Ford Maverick ST concept build

    Not with a trouble free warranty for years of use. Beef up to mild power with hard parts then let consumers tune em to the moon.
  9. Ford Maverick ST concept build

    I think there would be exhaust, intercooler, and air intake changes aswell. Probably minor changes though. But for the real ST package it would have to come with the Lincoln 2.3 turbo. I think 310hp with a soft tuning upgrade would be perfect with a warranty.
  10. Perfect bed height for hauling projects

    Been there dont that, by hand. Ow my back.
  11. Tremor Maverick with ARE camper shell and roof rack

    Looks great we are putting a MX topper on our Tremor. We wont be picking it up till next month though. Nice ride!
  12. Bilstein suspension for Maverick -- show your interest!

    Not the same, similar but different.
  13. Ford reverses course and will keep AM radio 🎙️

    With all the useless connectivity technology in cars that is just adding to distracted driving you would think we could have just about every band of radio there is in our cars. But transmission is free so thats not something any company wants to get behind.
  14. Question about hitch mounted bike rack... safe if rear ended?

    I wouldnt leave the rack in full time personally unless you are riding 5+ days a week. Any impact has the chance of ruining the truck. I would focus on not getting rear ended, you have the 2.0, use it! Also when stopped at a light, watch your mirrors for danger.
  15. Tremor is making itself comfortable at home

    Looking good! We get to drive our HPR one across country for the second half of June, cant wait!
  16. 2024 Tacoma Revealed! Now With Hybrid Model 🔋

    At this point last year we only had camo shots of the Tremors bumper. There is a that dual exhaust test mule out there. What if what we think is a ST Maverick is really a AWD hybrid with more power than either current engine thanks to electrification. They did laugh off the PHEV notion real...
  17. News To Me About New Maverick Tires: Nitrogen

    I wonder if its one of those byproduct goods gimmicks. Like a machine that makes purified oxygen and pulls it out out the air, the byproduct is high nitrogen air. Lets get mechanics to sell it!
  18. 📸 2024 Tacoma PreRunner spotted in public for first time (and compared to 3rd gen Taco)

    Yeah talk about tacked on, that is a serious chin addition. Thought maybe Nascar was making some rules for the truck series that they had to put the nascar air dam on the street truck.