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  1. Factory percentage window tint in the back and reardoor windows

    Troopers on telegraph 2 times tickets but said they take it away if proof of removal within 30 days. another trooper closer to home while she was under the 30 days to Get it fixed so that was just a warning. it was a silver car so I think they appeared even darker
  2. 2.0L AWD Tow Package MPG

    What’s your average drive mode?
  3. DIY Honeycomb Mesh Upper Grille and Bumper Insert

    I came back just because I can’t get over how good this looks
  4. DIY Honeycomb Mesh Upper Grille and Bumper Insert

    Ya know what would look sweet? A red ST badge in the lower corner. And I’m not usually a fan of fake sport badging on cars
  5. Don’t buy from Brondes Toledo

    Are you in the Toledo area?
  6. Don’t buy from Brondes Toledo

    This is absolute robbery and insulting to anybody looking at it. I’m all for capitalism but you also need to have morals and standards as a company LINK
  7. What's the most expensive Maverick you've seen?

    Holy Shit… this one is local to me. I got my truck with more options for under $30k
  8. Hypermiling Challenge for 2.0 Mavericks

    That’s about where I’m at overall. Mostly small “spirited” drives
  9. Fog lights for Maverick ?

    On the ecoboost motors there is. And from what some are saying it barely keeps up so I’m afraid to block it at all too
  10. [Updated w/ pics] Picked up the first one sold in the city. Almost 3K miles and love the truck.

    I saw those emblems online and wasn’t a fan but now that I see them on yours I love them 😍
  11. Picking up Saturday 12/4 from Chapman

    I’m recovering from Covid so my parents went and picked mine up for me. They drive it back to Toledo and I just had to get updates from them on how nice it was
  12. Picking up Saturday 12/4 from Chapman

    I actually would like that too. I took their glittery 🌈 sticker off the tailgate right away 🤣
  13. Lowered Maverick pickup haters look away! This one is slammed / dumped on bags

    I hate this truck. Every time I see it I regret not getting silver. It was my second choice hahaha
  14. Michigan roll call!