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  1. Considering all the Ford love here

    Not crazy about that myself but its bound to happen with things like cars or anything else with significant regulation. As long as it isn't like saturating every minute of every video I can usually power through a couple minutes of a rant or whatever.
  2. Considering all the Ford love here

    Indeed those are all things that turned me away initially however I respect that he shows you why he has those opinions rather than just telling you that Mercedes is always a piece of junk 100% of the time. Its definitely an acquired taste sort of thing as far as presentation is concerned but I...
  3. Push button start - will vehicle shut itself off if you forget to power off?

    Okay let's try to reel this one back to reality, nanny features exist because people are fundamentally irresponsible. Aside from this, If I design a product with a particular set of functional features let's say for regulatory purposes or reliability improvements, then building in a toggle off...
  4. Considering all the Ford love here

    I'm a bit surprised to see a lack of Scotty Kilmer posts here! I only recently got into his YouTube Channel and it is great stuff, I actually avoided all his videos because they are clickbait for years but that's part of the joke. I bring this up because he loves Ford trucks and always says...
  5. Push button start - will vehicle shut itself off if you forget to power off?

    For sure, I usually agree that just about everything should have a toggle. I'd be in favor of automatically re-enabling stuff such as auto turn-off if the user disabled it but it would be great to hit a button saying "leave it on" or whatever. Usually these sorts of failsafes I find should be...
  6. Push button start - will vehicle shut itself off if you forget to power off?

    That's true but personally I'd rather it cover my day to day mistake potential rather than help me out in those once in a while things. It sounds like if you have the keys in the car it'll stay on (camping, power outage) but I get what you're saying if a loved one is in the DMV for 3 hours its...
  7. Hybrid engines "put on hold" (?)

    Correct it is pure conjecture and is contrary to everything else we've been told so far. Unless something official changes from Ford, If you got a confirmation email then you're MY22 That said, my dealer warned me when I ordered that there's a good chance my car becomes a MY23. My dealer has...
  8. Anyone use a wireless CarPlay adapter yet?

    Lariat Lux Edit: Didn't spot anything on the product listing that stated it must be sync.
  9. New 2022 Maverick or used 2011 Ranger for $21,000?

    What's even crazier is that the Ranger is technically 2011 but is identical to a '98
  10. Parking sensors aftermarket?

    I'd love if there's a 4pin powered rear sensor that bluetooths to my phone. I'm somewhat interested in a rear parking sensor but I'm not willing to spend money on a box that sits on my dash and I have to wire it as well. Might be worth checking with the dealer in a few months to see if it is...
  11. Review: Living With a 2022 Hybrid Maverick XLT

    I stumbled on this video before, I was kind of baffled by this guy because he had a hybrid clearly before they were released. I assumed when I saw the audi that he was some influencer. Very strange to see such terrible camera quality and camera work in a press car lol. Not trying to be an ass...
  12. Ford Maverick Engineering Test Mode!!! [How to Enter]

    i believe only lariat lux has sync3
  13. Maverick Friends

    I feel like I read some poetry
  14. Ford has forgotten who the customers are

    if you ran a business and took pre orders for something, are you really going to arrange shipping to rural Alaska for one order because they were first or are you going to wait for a second order nearby so that you don't pay insane shipping twice? the answer is that you'd wait
  15. Insurance quote Hybrid

    Just emailed my agent.
  16. Hardcopy of Owners Manual?

    Review sample might not have had it/gotten lost I'm in favor of digital only copies, I'm far more likely to be using a digital one anyway. Every car I've ever owned (started driving my own car around ~2008) has come with a manual that is far too complicated/annoying to find what you're looking...
  17. $4200 Less For Hybrid vs. 2.0 @ 120,000 miles

    Just for fun. Gas prices are somewhat high right now where I live so I calculated off the average gas price in my area.
  18. A little OG love

    I'm too much of a stickler for badging to put it on the outside but I thought about placing one in the glove box or under the hood/tailgate etc. I'm definitely going to have a word with my dealer when my Mav gets on track about the PDI & stickers, I don't want any effing dealer stickers, if...
  19. Maverick poses with spiritual predecessor 2000 Ford Ranger

    In 2015 or so I bought a new car, when I was hunting around I thought hey the Ford Ranger was always a neat vehicle and saw that Ford cancelled it! I couldn't believe this because I've always heard trucks sell like hot cakes especially Ford. It was kinda confusing when the new one came out, I...
  20. TSB & FIX: Hood Flutter Shake at Highway Speeds

    The fact that only some people have this issue really lends credence to the idea that its those hood dampers.