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  1. Review: Living With a 2022 Hybrid Maverick XLT

    Most of my vehicles have had push button start since 2008 (in a toyota). Even my Wrangler without power accessories was bush button start. It works well with keyless entry or you just leave your doors unlocked or if it's cold outside and your fingers are bundled up. It's mainly just a...
  2. My 1000 Mile Review From Maiden Drive Home

    Yes, it has a power lumbar support, at least for the driver.
  3. My 1000 Mile Review From Maiden Drive Home

    I toyed with the Auto train idea and decided against it for a couple of reasons, the main one being schedule and the other was cost. The schedule just means that you travel on their time and not when it's convenient for you. The train station is on the south end of DC, so you still have to get...
  4. Those who have taken delivery from Chapman (Horsham or Philly), do they add dealer decals? Is there anything to watch out for?

    Pick up was easy peasy. Only advertising is the small glittery sticker mentioned and the plate surround in the back. Both are acceptable to me and if I don't want them, they are easily removed. Everything else was ready to go, all gassed up and no issues.
  5. My 1000 Mile Review From Maiden Drive Home

    I think the black FX4 wheels offset it nicely. I'm not sure how it would be with the regular XLT wheels. Just that little bit of darker contrast makes it look nice.
  6. My 1000 Mile Review From Maiden Drive Home

    I'm hoping that in a few years they will make it an option and then I can just swap out the lower. Of course by then, I won't need the car seat and the dog can always just get on the floor when I need something!
  7. My 1000 Mile Review From Maiden Drive Home

    Financing was easy, they were not pushy at all. Just list here are the options and let them know if I want any. I declined and it was never mentioned again. All very easy and a good model for dealers.
  8. My 1000 Mile Review From Maiden Drive Home

    i have the FX4, so I think no sport it eco
  9. My 1000 Mile Review From Maiden Drive Home

    I didn't adjust it, so I think it defaulted to Normal.
  10. My 1000 Mile Review From Maiden Drive Home

    I wasn't too worried about the break in period. I figure it has a warranty and I bought the car to drive. The first bit the speed and rpms varied quite a bit due to the traffic. On the highway, I think it was around 2000 rpms around 75, so the engine really wasn't worked. No one stopped me...
  11. My 1000 Mile Review From Maiden Drive Home

    I picked up my Maverick yesterday afternoon at Chapmans in Horsham. Delivery was great and a wonderful staff. Everything was as expected. I ordered a Cactus Grey XLT Luxury/2.0/AWD/FX4/4K Tow/sunroof/rear slider. I flew into Philly and they had a Lyft pick me up and drive me to the...
  12. OFFER NOW CLOSED - 400 ORDERS!!! - THANK YOU!!! - 4% under invoice with @dealersider

    i picked it up yesterday. Everything was as expected and again Great service from Chipman’s! Everyone who ordered from here will be pleased with the smoothness of their delivery! I’ll write up a review of the truck later after my 15 hour drive home!
  13. OFFER NOW CLOSED - 400 ORDERS!!! - THANK YOU!!! - 4% under invoice with @dealersider

    I'm headed there tomorrow to pick up my XLT 2.0EB!!!!
  14. Tow report: Maverick towing 16 ft Scamp trailer (2200 lbs) for 1500 miles

    Or maybe level off the hitch ball, it looks like he has a little bit of a rise on it. I've been cautioned against using a weight distribution hitch for a unibody and such a light trailer. Plus, I wouldn't want to take the tongue weight hit. Once it's loaded and ready to go, I'm sure it will...
  15. Quick View at Optional Bed Mat

    I have a bed mat in my current truck and it is great from keeping loose items from sliding around, throw in a plastic tub and it sticks down well. My mat is fairly heavy so it doesn't flap around. I will probably eventually get one for my Maverick as well.
  16. Maverick size comparison with Frontier

    I moved from an X3 with a hitch that I used to tow my trailer and hook up my bike rack and can't wait to pick up my Mav in a couple weeks! I have a Gladiator at the moment and the driveability difference is noticeable!
  17. Koons Woodbridge Ford 4% below invoice on Forum Orders. Woodbridge VA.

    I would cut them slack on the fee, yes it is high, but they have disclosed it up front. It would be nice if it was lower, but they can't charge you a lower fee and then other customers a higher fee. So they roll it in to a purchase price discount. Trust me, no one likes these fees, but I bet...
  18. 40% Markup?

    I remember reading not too long ago that the dealerships themselves are not doing too bad, but the manufacturers were losing out big time. With the price per transaction having drastically increased, they are doing quite well. It's the sales/finance staff that they no longer need since they...
  19. Would you Flip your Mav?

    Probably not as any other car would cost you more in the future. Even though you have another car, you bought this one for a reason. Maybe also check what you could sell the other one for, you might be surprised and clear a nice amount on that one too.
  20. This just in: Repeatedly hitting "refresh" on the Ford Tracker will NOT make your status change to "Built"

    You must be near that IL railyard where my Maverick was last spotted, but you have slowed the internet there so my Truck has disappeared as they needed to route the power to your neighborhood for those extra refreshes!