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  1. Sliding rear window. Did you order it for your Maverick? Is it useful?

    Just drove home from work with the back glass and the sunroof open on a nice 70 degree day. I highly recommend it and the sunroof!
  2. PSA: oil change on FX4 Maverick requires skid plate panels removal

    The big skid plate doesn't need to be removed! So much misinformation in this thread, and a really bad video. Look at the images posted earlier. You only need to remove the small front plate and the small black cover. The fact that the bolts were glued and there is literally a plastic plate...
  3. Video: 2022 Maverick 2.0L EcoBoost Oil Change Procedure (First Oil Change)

    Check the other thread where someone else posted pictures. He did this entirely wrong in the video. That big skid plate should not have been removed. The glue on the bolts should have been a huge red flag. It isn't meant to be removed for normal maintenance. All that needs to be removed is the...
  4. Annoying "Some functions are disabled when moving....." warning.

    I don't think I've ever noticed this screen. I've also never driven my Maverick without my Android phone plugged in. Maybe you guys need to ditch the iPhone. 🤷‍♂️
  5. FX4-No-More (Debadged Velocity Blue Maverick FX4)

    Yea, that's only there because the front plate holder looks weird without something in it. Should get my plates soon and it'll go away.
  6. FX4-No-More (Debadged Velocity Blue Maverick FX4)

    Yea, I wish there was a safe and viable solution there. Honestly kinda upset they made them so big and oversized. Seems unnecessarily large, but maybe that's just me.
  7. FX4-No-More (Debadged Velocity Blue Maverick FX4)

    There goes my off-road warranty. 😭
  8. FX4-No-More (Debadged Velocity Blue Maverick FX4)

    Basically it exactly. The nice thing about these new Ford emblems is that the chrome and blue are separate pieces, so they have nice well defined lines that are easy to peel when dipped.
  9. FX4-No-More (Debadged Velocity Blue Maverick FX4)

    It was trickier then it should have been, because I waited a few hours. I think if I had peeled the logo at 10-15 minutes like I did for the excess it would have gone much smoother. That said it wasn't hard. I just picked at ita little more.
  10. VELOCITY BLUE Maverick Club

    Plasti dipped my emblems and some of the chrome today.
  11. FX4-No-More (Debadged Velocity Blue Maverick FX4)

    At least the truck isnt called a Gator!
  12. FX4-No-More (Debadged Velocity Blue Maverick FX4)

    Made one more little change and peeled the ford logo. I think I love this and will keep it this way.
  13. FX4-No-More (Debadged Velocity Blue Maverick FX4)

    I thought about that, too, but I am worried about looking like to much of a homer for my old school.
  14. FX4-No-More (Debadged Velocity Blue Maverick FX4)

    I just finished adding vinyl letters and plasti dipping the emblems. Sadly the XLT emblems on the sides didn't peel at all. I think its because it is all one piece, so there isn't a good line there for it to snap. Other than that I am pretty happy. I will probably redo the Ford logos when I find...
  15. First couple miles in the books

    My understanding was the Florida deliveries were for people with a relationship to the dealership somehow. He said it was less about the money and more for comfort and they trusted the dealership. I've heard a lot of complaints about Florida dealerships on this forum, so maybe there is something...
  16. First couple miles in the books

    My brother in-law actually does this for a job now that he's retired. He delivers cars for a dealership, and I was surprised how common it is. He's delivered to Florida from Texas a few times, but most of his deliveries are in state. He drives the new car with a tail car that takes him back...
  17. Smoked / Tinted Tail Lights on 2022 Maverick (Pics). Yay or Nay?

    I like the look, but I will absolutely not give an insurance company a reason to deny the claim if someone rear ends me.
  18. Mavericks now hitting "In Production" status on Ford tracker. Has Yours?

    Yep, I got it on the 8th. All the dates are in my signature.