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  1. 5G Ranger vs Maverick real world review

    The present day Ranger looks VERY dated. The new updated Ranger that is coming out sometime during the summer of 21 looks much better.
  2. Maverick production suspended today Friday (10/15) at Hermosillo Mexico plant on material shortage

    I'm PISSED. Really PISSED off. I'm going to rant and rant.... sorry Why is it the auto industry put ALL it's eggs in one basket???? Chips... and car parts coming from China and Southeast Asian is KILLING auto manufacturing all over the world. Do you know where it isn't causing...
  3. Painted tow hooks red to match FX4 sticker

    Very nice! It should come that way from the factory.
  4. Size comparison - Maverick vs Ranger, F-150, Superduty

    Has anyone seen the new 2023 Ranger yet? I know it's getting a redesign.
  5. Ford Hermosillo [Maverick] plant production will be suspended 2 days due to materials shortage

    Sadly..... Putting all your eggs (Chips) in one basket (China/Southeast Asia) isn't a good thing. Maybe one day, auto manufactures will wake up. I'm putting all my chips on "No"
  6. 2022 Maverick Fitted With Aftermarket Wheels - 17" Motegi MR144 in Silver

    I'm not a fan. The rims look white. I would have gone with black.
  7. Maverick vs Ranger (Tremor) side by side comparison

    His father must own the dealership. No way this guy could get a job selling Fords on his own.
  8. POLL: How many Maverick orders / reservations have YOU placed?

    I REALLY want to order one....... but, I need to see it first before I purchase it.
  9. Cyber Orange Maverick XLT FX4 vs Modified Ranger

    The more I look at the Ranger... the more it looks Very dated to me. Ford needs to do something about the Rangers front end. A redesign is needed
  10. Impressions and Answers From Dealer Training Today [Maverick XLT FX4]

    Post a picture of someone sitting in the front seat and someone sitting directly behind them. Also inform us how tall each person is. I'm 6' and want to see how much room the person behind will have.
  11. First Good Look at Carbonized Gray Maverick & Size Comparison vs Ranger vs F-150

    Very nice! The Ford Ranger looks VERY dated next to the other trucks. I needs a new front end.
  12. Details on Connected Touch Radio -- the Maverick XLT and XL audio system

    Zzzzz So what they do not offer wireless. I don't use it. I like my phone plugged into my car and it also gets charged at the same time.
  13. 2.5L Hybird or 2.0 EccoBoost?

    Really..... If you looking for a dead horse, Bozard Ford has one next the the bar.
  14. 2.5L Hybird or 2.0 EccoBoost?

    I have owned Honda's for the last 25 years. I have NEVER had an issue with any of them. Over 200K on each of them. Having said that.... I really want a Maverick. Front wheel drive. Which engine? From what I'm reading, the 2.0 EccoBoost has an issue with carbon build up around 100K and...
  15. 80k+ Maverick reservations so far! (per Ford's Q2 earnings call)

    Ram has been making small truck, just not in America yet.
  16. 7/23 - Maverick Scheduling Update - No retail orders, but stock orders are scheduling

    I wish they offered the 2.5L on the AWD. From what I'm reading, the 2.0L has carbon build up issues