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  1. DIY Honeycomb Mesh Upper Grille and Bumper Insert

    That looks really cool, I'm a big fan!
  2. Floor Liners / Mats - Ford vs Weathertech

    I had the Ford all weather mats in my Bronco Sport and was really pleased with them. I've ordered a set for my Bronco, you can use your FordPass points.
  3. Hybrid Maverick has shipped !!! 🙌

    Congrats man, must be Christmas!
  4. Placed my order for a hybrid last night!

    Next month! You mean next week. 😁
  5. Thinking of cancelling Copilot 360 in build after seeing review.

    I have BLIS with cross-traffic alert in my Bronco Sport, wouldn't buy a car today without it. I'd say $540 is cheap if it keeps you and your vehicle safe.
  6. Pineapple on pizza?

    I'm originally from Chicago the land of great pizza, no fugging way! 🤮
  7. How Many New Cars Do People Actually Buy?

    I need to sit down and count all the cars I've owned in my 64 years. I can tell you I've had 3 cars in 4 months this year. Started off with a 2020 Mazda CX-30 I sold to Carvana for a $1500 profit, then I bought a '21 Bronco Sport Outer Banks, had that for 1.5 months, sold that for a $5k profit...
  8. No garage door opener or Home Link?

    That's funny you should say that because the Bronco Sport added a Homelink for 2022.
  9. Ford no longer taking hybrid 1st edition orders

    No First Editions are common across makes and models and are exactly that, first year special editions. They certainly are considered trim levels but only for the first year.
  10. Ford no longer taking hybrid 1st edition orders

    So I guess for the ones who ordered the FE especially hybrids and actually take delivery it will make our trucks all that rarer.
  11. Speaker removal and sizing

    I did not on the Bronco Sport, just mounted them in the stock mounts.
  12. Speaker removal and sizing

    I can't speak for the B/O speakers, this was for the standard audio system.
  13. Speaker removal and sizing

    I can verify that the front speakers are the same as the Bronco Sport.
  14. Speaker removal and sizing

    Don't know if the front speakers are exactly the same as in the Bronco Sport but I'm guessing they are, PowerBeats makes a direct fit speaker replacement OE652-FD Coaxial and OE65C-FD. I replaced the OEM $3 speakers in my Bronco Sport with these, front and rear were the same 6.5" speakers, what...
  15. Raleigh/Triangle NC Dealership Maverick Tracker

    Contact Tracy Heywood, she can let you know if the Maverick is still there. She honestly didn't know when the new owner was coming to pick it up.
  16. Raleigh/Triangle NC Dealership Maverick Tracker

    Till the owner comes and picks it up which is why I headed over there pretty quick.
  17. Raleigh/Triangle NC Dealership Maverick Tracker

    Stopped off at Crossroads Ford in Apex at lunch and got to see my first Maverick in person. It was a Carbonized Gray XLT with a manual sliding rear window, moonroof, and Co-Pilot 360+. I really liked it, nice size with ample interior room, easy to get in and out of. Tracy Heywood the sales...
  18. Raleigh/Triangle NC Dealership Maverick Tracker

    Got a call from Tracy Haywood from Crossroads Ford in Apex today, she said they have a Maverick in the showroom if I want to come by and have a look. It's a customer car so no test drives but at least I can see one in person.
  19. Anyone done the 0% 36 month finance offer from Ford for their Maverick?

    I bought a Bronco Sport last month for 0% for 36 months.