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  1. On Road & Offroad Review of Maverick FX4

    You had to select the optional 17" alloy wheel on XLT or Lariat with either 4K or FX4. On FX4, you could not get the Wildpeak without losing the black wheels.
  2. Front AND Rear Splash Guards installed (part numbers included)

    Well that's a great question. I feel I am due some royalties from the enterprising employee they have prowling the boards that swiped my pics :ROFLMAO:
  3. Southern Idaho

    I haven't seen any XLs around Meridian/Nampa. Couple other XLTs and a Lariat.
  4. Splash guards OEM Ford .if anyone is interested full sets front and back

    Yes, I installed both front & rear sets on mine in about 30-45 min total. Drivers side rear requires you to tap a 7mm hole in the bottom of the black plastic part of the bumper.
  5. How many of you Mav owners have seen another Mav on the road?

    Seen 3 out on the road and know there’s at least 3-5 more here locally
  6. Customized Maverick Build by Galpin - Painted Grille, 17" Fifteen 52 wheels, BFG KO2 tires, H&R lift springs

    H&R told me they haven’t given anyone the Maverick spring prototypes yet so the BS Active Lifts are a safe bet for what was used. H&R has Mav specific ones in development but no definitive ETA for availability.
  7. Mavericks at LA Auto Show

    I spoke to H&R. They said they have no prototypes out so he wasn't sure what whoever did the LA Auto Show Maverick used, but assumes it was the Bronco Sport Adventure Lift Springs. Said the Maverick springs are in current development but with no firm ETA on availability.
  8. Fun Size Son vs. Full Size Dad

    Here you go! He’s a nice guy . Makes a bunch of colors and patterns and can even do some custom stuff for a little more $. Any of the 14” x 3.5” size will replace Maverick OEM. His are way better quality than the 4WDCustoms ones on Etsy...
  9. Fun Size Son vs. Full Size Dad

    could be a matter of the allocations the dealer is getting? Although that seems off given how early you ordered. That build seemed like the magic ticket the first week of Retail production.
  10. Fun Size Son vs. Full Size Dad

    Yep mine is spray in (w/ Lux Package not standalone). Ordered 7/9, delivered 9/30.
  11. 235/65 Toyo Open Country AT3 tires installed on XLT FX4 Maverick + new non-red FX4 decal

    It's been pretty minimal (like maybe .5 MPG). i have been stuck doing mostly city driving right now anyway and am still sitting at a little over 25mpg combined. Any tanks I've been able to do majority highway on have been more like 27-28 total. Preserving mileage was part of the reason I stayed...
  12. Help with finding rear splash guards

    I just took the part number to my dealer and had them in a week. With how much the online discount places usually charge for shipping, the price difference was minimal for me and I was actually able to get them.
  13. Fun Size Son vs. Full Size Dad

    They are 235/65/17. I got them from Discount Tire and swapped the stock Pirellis onto my wife's Rogue since it used the same 225/65 and needed some new tires. I debated between Toyos and Falken Wildpeaks and it sounded like the 235 Wildpeaks don't look quite the same as the larger sizes so I...
  14. Fun Size Son vs. Full Size Dad

    On the Maverick? I asked Kendall not to drill it and there’s no holes. Plate is mounted with a Cravenspeed Platypus. F250 has the Ford mount but I think my dad said it actually isn’t drilled and mounts by wrapping around the grill/bumper piece.
  15. Fun Size Son vs. Full Size Dad

    He’s retired so just towing, camping and home projects
  16. Fun Size Son vs. Full Size Dad

    He’s only got 100 miles on it but I think he’s in that 14-15mpg range. When towing his setup it’ll probably drop to 9-10
  17. Fun Size Son vs. Full Size Dad

    2 with some cash leftover 😂. Yeah his is the 7.3 and it’s a beast! Already caught him shopping for long tube headers and a catback🤣. He must be feeling V8 withdrawals from his old Mystic and Terminator Cobras…
  18. Fun Size Son vs. Full Size Dad

    yeah he got Antimatter Blue w/ FX4 and black appearance package. It’s really really nice looking. New AT tires going on his this week