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  1. Front AND Rear Splash Guards installed (part numbers included)

    Why are your photos already on a ford discount parts website?
  2. Ford back seat protector installed

    I have this one. Fits very similar. I’ll post a picture later.
  3. Ontario Mav Owners-Truck Plates or Car Plates?

    I thought my dealer made a mistake. I’d be interested in hearing the answer too!
  4. Storage behind rear seat - this this would work?

    Yep. B&O on the First Edition
  5. CARBONIZED GRAY Maverick Club

    The real reason I bought a Maverick!
  6. Storage behind rear seat - this this would work?

    As promised. Picture behind the seat. Locking mechanism and lots to crush and wreck!
  7. Storage behind rear seat - this this would work?

    No, not likely as the locking mechanism for the seat is there. I can take a picture in the morning.
  8. Rear seat will not latch back

    I’ve had a similar issue. Working the pull loop back and forth eventually moves the latch enough to close it. Going to have Ford look at it on my first service.
  9. Remote start through FordPass

    Nope. Sorry, but I own one and it works without a cell account on the truck. It is amazing.
  10. Real world fuel mileage MPG results by 2.0 EcoBoost owners - check in here

    But good luck bringing a sheet of plywood home in the Outback! Fuel mileage could be better, but then people would be complaining about power. If people are that concerned about fuel mileage then they need to wait for a hybrid.
  11. Ford Emails in Canada

    I am in Kingston. Followed my build and shipping perfectly fine using:🧭-track-your-maverick-order-by-vin-order-number-get-your-window-sticker.464/ You need the VIN and order number (got mine from my local dealer). Even followed it on the rail...
  12. CARBONIZED GRAY Maverick Club

    Thanks. She’s a Aussiedoodle. Loves to ride in the truck!
  13. Bed Rails with Tonneau Cover

    I am really keen to find a rack that works with the tonneau cover too!