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  1. My dealer says my hybrid will not be built.

    Read this thread. Another guy was told the same thing as you and he called Ford themselves. Ultimately, the dealership lied to him (they said it was an honest mistake)... and it was fixed...
  2. Maverick Backup Camera Quality

    Umm what?! Im not one of the ones complaining, but I need to go outside and see if mine has a protective film.
  3. Maverick Deposit (Can it be refunded at any time?)

    It depends on the dealer. Some say yes, some say no.
  4. Apologies to all

    What did i miss? Are you the guy that made and then deleted a thread about my 2023?
  5. My 1000 Mile Review From Maiden Drive Home

    Ah. May want to give Sport a try. Im still impressed by it, but have not looked into how it affects MPG. But I can see situations in which it would be very useful, and it may help with the type of scenario you described.
  6. My 1000 Mile Review From Maiden Drive Home

    Were you driving on ECO, Normal, Sport, etc?
  7. Cruise control add-on

    Thank you for the prompt reply and for the link.
  8. Cruise control add-on

    Bill, I didnt see anything about this on your website, so I am guessing the answer is going ot be no, but do you offer any kind of adaptive cruise control product? Thanks
  9. Maverick is only “small” compared to large trucks.

    Well said. Thank you.
  10. Thule XSporter Mid Pro Bed Rack is a great fit on 2022 Maverick!

    Looks nice. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Where did you buy them?
  11. Upgrading the Backup Camera

    That seems like overkill for what the camera is needed for. Is there a specific reason why you need it to display in HD over the serviceable but muddy resolution it plays at now?
  12. Ignition key sticking

    Hah. Yeah, im just yanking your chain. I actually agree with you about the good it does to get off the devices and set limits to when/how much you are on them.
  13. RaceChip Piggyback Tune released for 2022 Maverick

    Im glad we built a wall to keep the bad air out of the United States, and only keep the good air in here. America #1!
  14. Ignition key sticking

    Old Ranchero, you should take your own advice about logging off for a couple of hours when you see a thread you think is a waste of time. Instead of typing out a message about how the thread is a waste of time and nobody should make any future threads like it.
  15. Pic Request: Key FOB

  16. Ignition key sticking

    It makes me cringe when people use "FULL STOP." I dont know why.
  17. backing up with the tailgate down

    Ive got an xlt 360. The times ive gone with the tailgate down i dont get any beeps or warnings when going in reverse. Not sure if the lariat has some other features.