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  1. Part Number for black shiny side mirrors from First Edition Maverick?

    Thank you so much, very helpful! Would those fit on the Maverick?
  2. Part Number for black shiny side mirrors from First Edition Maverick?

    I really like the black shiny trims of the side mirrors of the first edition. Does anyone have the part numbers for those? I would love to replace the cheap plastic of the XLT.
  3. Insurance quote Hybrid

    Can you please share your insurance quotes for your Hybrids? I tried to get a quote from Geico and they didn't even have the Maverick in their Database and haven't asked about Hybrid or not. They quoted me roughly 100 Dollars per month with full coverage. I dont know if that is high or not but...
  4. What's your engine Breaking-In Period plan?

    I will have my hybrid hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks and was wondering how the hybrid breaking in is different than regular gas cars. With my cars in the past, I would take a long trip and that would take care of it. With hybrid I am not sure if long freeway trips are so great for the hybrid...
  5. How accurate is the delivery date on the tracker?

    I just checked with the dealership regarding my truck, which was shipped yesterday. It is already in Arizona and hopefully in the next 2-3 days at the hub in Mira Loma, CA. That is the station where they load the vehicles on a truck and ship them to the dealership. And that there is also the...
  6. How accurate is the delivery date on the tracker?

    This is normal, there is lag between the email communication and tracker update. When they gave you already a range, than things are moving and your truck is already built.
  7. How accurate is the delivery date on the tracker?

    For those of you who have received your truck, how accurate was the deliver date on the tracker? I know in the email they give a range and in the tracker they take the latest date from this range but was wondering how accurate this date is. Mine is giving a range of December 12-18 and in the...
  8. Hybrid Maverick has shipped !!! 🙌

    Does the train first go to a major hub and from there to the final destination? I am in LA and someone told me that the train first goes somewhere to midwest and from there back to LA. Sounds odd and doesn't make sense to me.
  9. Hybrid Maverick has shipped !!! 🙌

    Those guys are not messing around: Within the last few days things went quickly from production to built and today I checked the tracker and it is saying shipped!!! Estimated deliver date December 12-18 but in the tracker it shows 18th. Christmas can come :)
  10. Hybrid Maverick has shipped !!! 🙌

    Sorry to hear that. What was your estimated delivery date?
  11. ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    Looks great! How difficult was it to install those fender flares?
  12. Anyone else “In Production” ?

    I just checked with my dealership and they told me my car is in the body shop and the actual build date will be 11/30 which is 3 days earlier than the latest update I had. Lets wait and see when they are going to ship. BTW, they told me they definitely can't order any new hybrids
  13. Maverick window sticker

    According to the link below, the date you talk about is not the blend date, is the invoice date
  14. Maverick window sticker

    Where is the Blend Date? I don't see any blend date on my windows sticker, just the invoice date 2 rows below the MSRP. The area where I am supposed to see the blend date, there is nothing.
  15. Hybrid MODULES popped today....when will Maverick ship? Veteran certificate expires 1/3/22.

    You can try to go and talk to them to do all the paperwork before the car arrives. I am sure the dealership will welcome to book the revenue this year.
  16. Anyone else “In Production” ?

    Almost exact same as mine. I got "in production" today too with the window sticker!
  17. Air Design Cab Spoiler installed

    Will this improve mpg, make it worse or wont affect mpg at all?
  18. Can Yakima Roof Racks be stolen easily?

    Thank you for you answer. Was wondering when you have your door closed, does this provide a certain level of security or can they remove everything independent of doors being closed or not?
  19. Can Yakima Roof Racks be stolen easily?

    Planning to buy the Yakima Roof Racks and was wondering how safe those are and how difficult it is to steal them. thank you in advance!
  20. Rear Seat Floor In-Vehicle Locking Safe by Console Vault - new Maverick Ford accessory part

    does anyone know the dimensions? can i fit in a laptop?