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  1. Heated Seats?

    For sure, if I could only have one thing heated, it would be the steering wheel. I hate wearing gloves! Luckily, with the Lariat Lux, I get a bunch of heated stuff! :love:
  2. Maverick AWD or Ridgeline AWD???

    The OP asked specifically about the Mav & Ridgeline. Why do some feel the need to throw the SC into the mix? Clearly the OP doesn't care about the SC, or he would have included it to begin with.
  3. Parked next to another unicorn

    I never understood why people do that. It's not like a license plate is some kind of secret, anyone can see them any time. What difference does a pic make vs. just standing by the vehicle? :unsure:
  4. Maverick AWD or Ridgeline AWD???

    lol... the one with the best tires! :p
  5. My reliability gamble - returning to Ford

    Everybody is building very reliable cars these days. There is always the occasional lemon that all OEM's will produce, but they are the exception by a wide margin. With that mindset, get what you *enjoy driving* and fits the budget. I have friends that generally dislike their vehicles, but...
  6. Tow report: Maverick towing 16 ft Scamp trailer (2200 lbs) for 1500 miles

    That's a nice set-up, I think you hit the "sweet spot" between not enough & too much. If you haven't already, check the speed rating on those trailer tires, and do be careful! Blow-outs on a single axle trailer can ruin your day quickly.
  7. CACTUS GRAY Maverick Club

    Well done, truck looks awesome! (y)
  8. 2022 Hybrid Maverick Suspension Deep Dive & MPG Results | 39 mpg and 1 twist beam

    I don't think anyone would choose the EB option thinking it will get better FE than the hybrid. Usually, it comes down to the want/need for AWD, and/or the 4K tow ability. If there was an AWD 4K hybrid Mav, heck yes, sign me up. Exactly right, it's FWD vs AWD, the rear sus design has nothing...
  9. AWD vs FWD hybrid

    Different drive modes in most modern FWD high volume vehicles simply adjust/limit throttle inputs & traction control bias. They don't create something that isn't already there, it's just an electronic "mixture" to better suit a predetermined condition. I believe the hybrid also "Sport* & *Eco*...
  10. Seat height too high?

    Agree. Compared to my F150, the Mav seating position felt much lower (as compared to the dash/doors, NOT the ground, which is rather obvious)
  11. Seat height too high?

    I've only sat in an XL with a sunroof, and had plenty of headroom with the seat all the way down, and I'm 6'4". Seemed fine to me.
  12. X-plan membership

    My TD-Ameritrade account statement. Mailed a copy to shareholder relations in FL.
  13. Finally! Seen & Driven!

    Ended the drought in a big way! My ordering dealer just received an XL AWD, asked if I wanted to check it out! Um....YEAH! 🤪 So, literally first time to lay eyes on the actual truck......physical size was about as I was expecting, interior was a pleasant surprise. Oddly, the first thing inside...
  14. Road Noise is horrible in the Maverick 2.0

    Welp, just came back from my first test drive! My ordering dealer has an XL AWD that just arrived, asked if I wanted to see it, I said heck yes! So, first time seeing a Mav in person, and driving. But directly to the noise question, I found it to be completely acceptable. Yes, a bit more noisy...
  15. Maverick vs Tacoma sizes compared side-by-side

    Yeah, I don't get peoples obsession with damped/power TG's in a PU. Seems like an answer to a question no one asked.... But it sure is cool to show your bro-doziers! 💩
  16. Why is there no turbo on the Atkinson motor?

    As an addendum to the main topic, turbos themselves are NOT for better fuel efficiency. What a turbo(s) can do, is allow a smaller engine to perform comparably with a larger non-FI (Forced Induction) engine, at increased FE (Fuel Economy), which is due to the engine being smaller, not the...
  17. Did you/are you going to order with LUX pack?

    Yup, Lariat Lux was the only way to get most of the stuff my F150 already spoiled me on. Can't wait for the Maverick Limited to debut! 🤠
  18. Picked mine up yesterday!

    Betting he was taking a look at your new whip. I like the pic that contrasts the windshield rake.....big delta!
  19. Road Noise is horrible in the Maverick 2.0

    But since OP blew the horn in the Mav, and not in the PS, the average is skewed high for the Mav. So I can only assume the Mav is more quiet than the PS in similar modes, which I would expect.