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  1. Ohio Roll Call

    Great for you!!! Now be sure to drive all through Geauga County very slowly,so we can all see it!!!
  2. Maverick is going to get a lot more popular

    The Maverick is going to get very popular!! I just quite unexpectedly read an article in today's Wall Street Journal and the reviewer was very happy about the truck...especially the price. He called it a millennial truck but he obviously has not seen the mavericktruckclub numbers. Doesn't matter...
  3. Replaced the antenna with shorter stubby one

    Sweet!! I am planning on replacing mine as well...with an imitation bullet!!
  4. Maverick vs Tacoma sizes compared side-by-side

    Bottom line is what I value...and the Maverick is giving me what I want and cheaper.
  5. License plate location

    You don't need a front plate in Ohio anymore.
  6. Customized Maverick Build by Galpin - Painted Grille, 17" Fifteen 52 wheels, BFG KO2 tires, H&R lift springs

    That grill(in Area 51 color) would look soooo good on my Area 51 Lariat(whenever that comes!). Of course knowing Ford they would probably use orange know to match the orange trim on the interior of the XLT.
  7. Anyone order sunroof? Worth it?

    Had a moonroof on my 2004 Ford Expedition... hardly ever used it. I really got mad when it leaked in 2012. Fixed the leak,but not getting any vehicle with a sunroof.
  8. DIY dash cubby frame / holder for kleenex tissues

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!
  9. Shift lever opinions

    THAT is beautiful...takes me back to my parents' 1956 Chrysler Windsor or the 1964 Chrysler 300 with push buttons. I can see my mother beautiful fingers pushing the buttons I love it!
  10. Another Tonneau cover thread

    I don't store or keep anything in my truck and I keep it in the garage. It has a hard top A.R.E cover,I usually move furniture or stuff I don't want to get rain/snow on. Crazy to keep anything valuable in a cor or truck. I also don't keep anything with my home address in the dash storage box.
  11. Fat Lady has sung

    Nah, I'd bet Cleveland Indians(or Guardians) 1948 was a long time ago.
  12. Is the Maverick worth it? Aligning expectations.

    I think it is worth the wait. Gas is going to go down a little in price but not that will be good to have a hybrid around to drink less gas. The price of what you are getting is cheap right now... a little trucar. So yeah I don't like waiting but shelling out more money is not my idea...
  13. Ohio Roll Call

    I can't believe what I am from Cleveland went to PITTSBURGH to buy a Maverick??? There ought to be a law!!! Just joking enjoy your ride. Next year or 2 when I get my Hybrid Lariat we might see each other!
  14. An amusing revelation on my drive in to work today.

    Don't feel sad. I just go around and ask people "Hey how about that new Ford Maverick truck? So far no one I know has heard about the new truck. When looking at magazines I just started seeing references to the Maverick at the end of Sep/beginning of Oct. You are not a spaz,not your fault...
  15. Real-Life Photos: 2022 Maverick XLT Hybrid (Exterior & Interior)

    So glad I will not be looking at that orange trim!!! I'm more willing to give the brown/tan seats and trim a chance in the Lariat. But will not hesitate to get seat covers,etc. if I don't like them!!
  16. Your first road trip in your Maverick will be...?

    Let's see...Vermont,Connecticut,New Jersey,Upstate New York,Pittsburgh...then back to Ohio. Visiting friends,having fun,we all like cars and trucks.
  17. My XLT 500 Miles Owners Review - Pros and Cons

    Great review!! I like your take on the blue/white orange trim!! I knew I would not be able to cope with it.(Not that the brown is fantastic) Can't wait for my Maverick!!
  18. Who thinks Navy Pier interior color is ugly?

    I plan to use seat covers and if I still don't like the dashboard etc. trim by that time CARID will have a variety of dashboard covering(they stick). I did the dashboard/trim color change on the inside of my Smartcar and still get compliments. I did like the XL interior better...but I needed...
  19. Mexico plant Maverick production suspended next week from November 1-5

    When I ordered my Maverick in June 2021...little did I realize that I was actually ordering my birthday present...for July 2023.