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  1. My 1000 Mile Review From Maiden Drive Home

    The 1.5 ecoboost in the old Fusion has a similar lag, takes a little getting used to. (So refreshing btw to see proper usage of "than" for a CHOICE in paragraph three. It drives me crazy reading "then" when not in the context of TIME.)
  2. Softopper response - aftermarket bed topper

    Tell 'em I want one in iconic silver. And that they should make a rear annex so as to bed tent on the 6' flexed. Just wishing... but while they're at it do a tight hammock over the wheel wells attaching to the tigh downs. And Etc. Etc.
  3. Thule XSporter Mid Pro Bed Rack is a great fit on 2022 Maverick!

    A tall topper tops a bed cover, pardon the pun. And what about an suv type rear canopy to make a bed tent/annex for one (or a thin couple) on the 6' open bed?
  4. 2022 Hybrid Maverick Suspension Deep Dive & MPG Results | 39 mpg and 1 twist beam

    No reason to be. The ecoboost variants are some of the most economical yet capable ICE trucks. To each his own. While I'm stll waiting to even get my hybrid scheduled, I admire the ecoB truck. It adds prestige and off road options I'll be proud to be a cousin of when I get a Maverick.
  5. 🚨 Hybrid Maverick 2.5L is OKTB!

    Wow, I'm not scheduled after 7/23 confirmation of order, but your a month older. Good luck to you brother. This could be an interesting week.
  6. 🚨 Hybrid Maverick 2.5L is OKTB!

    Very nice little machine. Good luck and Merry Chistmas.
  7. Hybrid Maverick drag races vs F-150 Hybrid and Bronco 2.7L V6 [TFL]

    Liking/Loving all the Ford products. That was fun! Thanks. Happy Turkey Day to all. Bless your families and livelihoods in this new uncertain century. Praying for you all, God and Country, going forward.
  8. Family-use review of Ford Maverick (Micah Drives)

    Or 50/50 in the hybrid since you'd only lose the battery and one cubby acces under a car seat there. (Throw in hybrid AWD and one could almost opt for the 2023MY.)
  9. Quick View at Optional Bed Mat

    OK, started the video, optical illusion on the still. No tailgate liner there.
  10. Quick View at Optional Bed Mat

    Is this the standard "removable" Ford mat option? I didn't realize it has a tailgate protector. Any one know?
  11. TFL Compares Maverick Hybrid to the Original Ford Ranger

    Very well kept truck. Don't expect we'll go to front wheel drive Hades after serving all this scheduling Purgatory ahead of time.
  12. 📣 11/18 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails showing up]

    True variation, my email was a survey about the repairs I had to endure on the old Fusion last week.
  13. 📣 11/18 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails showing up]

    While brooding over my Bellini that Mrs. Flooding is mixing, I want to mention the lengthy lunar eclipse from about 2-4 Friday morning that can be seen without telescopes if skies are clear. So get off email for the night with us everyone.
  14. 📣 11/18 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails showing up]

    No email here. Very close to your nice build and order date. Congrats. Cue Texas Flood I guess.
  15. My humble review of my new Velocity Blue Maverick XL

    That's a beauty! And your truck looks nice too.
  16. Maverick loaded down with dirt bike and gear, and getting 24mpg

    Doing "truck stuff" indeed! Happy and jealous at the same time.
  17. Bed floor separation / gap from side of bed - normal or issue?

    There's a huge gap that light passes through where my entire truck is supposed to be.