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  1. Flexbed Divider

    That looks like a nice fit and great size for both areas!
  2. Ford Maverick Ordering & Scheduling Process — A Detailed Explanation

    Thanks! I should be getting my Hybrid in a few weeks. Built and shipped!
  3. My reliability gamble - returning to Ford

    I’m feeling some of the same. I had a 2014 Fiesta. I really liked it and got great gas mileage but that transmission was horrific! I’m hopeful for the Mav though.
  4. Hybrid Maverick has shipped !!! 🙌

    I just got an email today saying mine was shipped! Ordered from Roseville too.
  5. Would anyone get a 2 door if available?

    Nah. I see the value in that for a work truck, but not a personal vehicle.
  6. Hybrid Maverick has shipped !!! 🙌

    Congrats! I have the same delivery window, but nothing about shipment yet. I’m near Sac.
  7. My Hybrid is built!

    Me too! Order 8/9. Build week 11/10. Tracker hasn’t updated but I got the email!
  8. 🚨 Hybrid Maverick 2.5L is OKTB!

    But i liked being “in production” for 3 weeks. Not! Bring on the hybrids!
  9. No Maverick in today's Football and Ford Commercials

    It would be cool to see a commercial, but they don’t really need to advertise the Mav. Word of mouth sell out is pretty nice business.
  10. Installed Rokblokz mud guards

    Looks easy enough. Excuse my ignorance, are the holes already drilled in the Mav?
  11. Emergency Stuff in Your Truck? What Do You Carry For Emergencies?

    I might need someone to make a locking vault cubby for that!
  12. Emergency Stuff in Your Truck? What Do You Carry For Emergencies?

    Vape charger Pipe Emergency chronic Lighter
  13. So what’s with hybrids showing in production for weeks?

    My tracker is exactly the same. I’m hoping we will get an update on the 8th.
  14. How’s the heater?

    There is one under each front seat for the back. Would be better in the console, but they should help some.
  15. Installed Rokblokz mud guards

    Looks really good! How do they attach?
  16. Window Sticker date

    I apologize if this has been asked. I didn’t immediately see it in the search. What does the date at the very bottom of my window sticker mean? It has changed a few times. I’ve been “in production” since the 10th.