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  1. Installed: 4WP lift kit (1" front / .75" rear) and Toyo Open Country AT tires (245/70r17)

    I think this is the real sweet spot. No hate for those who like the 1.5-2" lift, but this just gives it that last little nudge it needed to look really great without throwing off the dimensions or design.
  2. All-New 2023 Ford Ranger Revealed!

    I know this is the INT model so obviously some of the stylings will be different in the US variant, but man a lot of the exterior looks very...corny? Maybe it's just me. I do like the interior, I like the bed step and I like the overall dimensions. I still know a lifted-ish Maverick is right for me.
  3. Installed 4' 6" TruXedo Pro X15 Tonneau Cover & Angry Elephant Rack System Rail size 50"

    I would love to see how the tonneau looks all rolled up, and I'd love to see how the kayaks fit in on top! I'm a tad worried the center mass of the kayaks won't be on the rails so praying it works just fine.
  4. What's your Maverick hauling / carrying in the bed?❓ Show & Tell

    Ford needs to just creep this thread and ask to share photos from users. These do such a better job of selling the truck than 90% of their media.
  5. Maverick Specialist: Hybrid EPA Certification is 'In', Spray In Liner Confirmation and 'The Queue'

    I imagine it'll be a package we'll have to add on, that will also (obviously) first require optioning for the 2.0 liter, then AWD, then FX4, then whatever else this new package is. Currently all those options on an XLT up the price to $28k. You have to option up to the top Badlands trim on the...
  6. Maverick Specialist: Hybrid EPA Certification is 'In', Spray In Liner Confirmation and 'The Queue'

    With so many options being given a Nov 10 cut off date, I wonder if that means they're ready to pivot from MY22 options and start announcing/sourcing for MY23 options soon. If so, that would be awesome and give me hope a Tremor/Rattler/Timberline/whatevertheheckyouwanttocallit trim may be ready...
  7. Rattler Maverick Off-Road Prototype Spied Side-By-Side w/Standard Maverick + New Front Bumper Design

    I know everyone on here is negative on this new trim, but honestly it's exactly what I want and I'm excited to have a slightly lifted, bit more aggressive styling option direct from the factory. Glad I was patient before ordering, i'll definitely pull the trigger on this once available.
  8. New wheels! fifteen52 Metrix MX 17x8.0 + Falken Wildpeak 245/70 Tires + Tint + Headlights / Taillights Mod

    Damn I wish I could slide an extra $2k for new wheels and tires into my build. Using side change to do it might make the wife a bit pissed haha
  9. First big haul with new rack system! [1200lb of gravel and 8 - 2x4's]

    Ahhhh, I see. This little diagram is what I needed. So those clamps are doing double-duty. Looks like a pretty neat system. I reaaallly want a Leitner rack, but this set up allowing to use both a tonneau and a rack, while still being able to move the rear strut to allow full vertical access to...
  10. First big haul with new rack system! [1200lb of gravel and 8 - 2x4's]

    Alright, I'm feeling extra dumb tonight. How does the tonneau mount if the elevated rails clamp into the bed?
  11. 2" Lifted 2022 MAVERICK + 31" Mud Tires by Long McArthur Performance

    Did I understand correctly that if ordered through LM, I could have aftermarket work done to the vehicle rolled into the original vehicle price, AND it remains under warranty for 3 years?
  12. Leitner Rack for Maverick previewed at SEMA garage

    I'm not super familiar with all the aftermarket options, but Leitner (and other manufacturers) do make a rack meant to pair with ReTraxx and Pace Edward covers, if that's the direction you're interested in. Or you could go with a bed cap w/ rails
  13. Leitner Rack for Maverick previewed at SEMA garage

    Did some more snooping - looks like even with something mounted in the three holes (not sure what's actually mounted in that spot), you can still get at least 3, maybe even 4, sheets of plywood or drywall. I was tempted to go with the Yakima rack since I could build that cost into the vehicle...
  14. Leitner Rack for Maverick previewed at SEMA garage

    I imagine they put the brackets in the back because the front crossbar is in a fixed position to give the frame rigidity. The rear crossbar is able to slide front/back to give to full vertical access to the bed, thus needing the bracket for stability.
  15. Any Future Maverick Owners Here in NOVA??

    This is so helpful, thank you!
  16. Leitner Rack for Maverick previewed at SEMA garage

    I asked Mr. Leitner this specifically and he confirmed it's a 100% bolt-on system into the three pre-set hole, no drilling or modifying whatsoever.
  17. Maryland Trainer Vehicles

    I plan on being there - thanks!
  18. Any Future Maverick Owners Here in NOVA??

    This would be my first new car I've ever ordered, and I'm pretty unfamiliar with the options/process. I'm in Leesburg and my reservation is through Jerry's Ford. However they've somewhere been frustrating and inept through the process and I wouldn't want to place an order through them. Could you...
  19. Any Northern Virginia - DC Area Mavericks Scheduled to be Built in September? Post your Dealerships

    How was dealing with Ted Britt? I have a reservation in with Jerry's Ford in Leesburg, and they've been horrible. Definitely looking to switch when I place my order.