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  1. FITS Up Front!

    I talked about this before and I agree a FITS slot, or two, would have been ideal. Also, maybe if a Fits Slot was 3d printed, it could be attached to the 'side' of the...
  2. Maverick Bed Cap cost.

    Since you're in Minnesota, You might look across the border and see what's available. I started another thread a couple weeks back where the Canadian parts and accessories website was listing the exact same covers for something like $600-$900. Look it up. [EDIT] I had some extra time and...
  3. Huracan tailgate storage solution is coming

    I'm down! Would def. buy one. The tailgate assist would have more of a purpose too!
  4. Ranger taillights stolen.

    I absolutely agree with you they should be in garages. It's a partial solution though. Here in Dallas, 3rd Row seats were stolen out of cars while people were out shopping and catalytic converters when people were at work. Thieves are pretty brazen these days. I also assume this is why the...
  5. Ranger taillights stolen.

    I know this isn't a ranger forum, but tail lights are being stolen off of Ford Rangers. It's because the high cost of replacement. This reminds me of the third row seats that were stolen out of yukons and tahoes several years ago. Easy to get to and high resale value. Be safe out there everyone.
  6. Overlanding Kitchen Build

    Hey Lavern, I don't have anything official and i've mocked it up soley based on dimensions provided by Ford or forum members. I am an architect though, so I try to be as accurate as I can and I'm happy to send you what I have. Is there a format that works best for you?
  7. Maverick payload capacity maxed out w/ 1500lbs in bed - test by owner

    You're right, we didn't. here is a door sticker from someone else's XLT FX4 build. we can use that as a point of reference. 1,358 lbs
  8. Overhead Console ambient lighting?

    Can someone who has the Maverick in hand tell me if the overhead console has a map light installed that casts a soft glow over the dash/center console below? The last two cars that I have owned had a red light integrated into it. It didn't have its own switch and you couldn't turn it off. It...
  9. Panoramic Roof?

    I would have ordered my maverick with a panoramic roof, if it was an option. High-waisted cars reduce the amount of light that gets into a car. A sunroof helps, but only for the front passengers. This would be a welcomed option especially for the back seat passengers. Thoughts? Concerns...
  10. What types of products do you want to see made?

    The weird thing is that ALL of the other accessories, other than the bedcaps, are in line with U.S. pricing. These things are just an anomaly.
  11. Exterior Graphics Source

    These look like a lot of fun!
  12. What types of products do you want to see made?

    I saw a post the other day i think on the FB group about a price difference between the US and Canada. It could have been a mistake, but I checked it out and it looks legit. I don't live anywhere near Canada, but it might be worth a weekend trip...
  13. Second Battery

    We got both! The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (Dart) Transfer Station is also shown on that map too.
  14. Second Battery

    You might be surprised to know that us city folk have em too. The City of Dallas has at least 3 transfer stations that are open to the public. I use them when I need to.
  15. Second Battery

    Is it not as easy as connecting the two terminals, red to red, black to black? That's seems like a pretty simple parallel circuit. Also, I assume the question was asked as a way to increase the electric vehicle range. Would a battery of the same size and voltage effectively double the...
  16. Alaska

    Lived in Chugiak as a kid.
  17. check out Maverick at Ford Built to Connect event in Austin

    It won't happen, but I'd like to see them take an AWD maverick up that ramp!
  18. Ford financing question - loan to value ratio

    Most lenders are usually willing to finance up to 110% of the vehicle value... i'm not a lender though, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night! :)
  19. Speaker Sizes for non B&0?

    Oh man, I feel like an idiot. You're right. sorry about that. Useless post...