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  1. JamesHenry

    Age of targeted Maverick Buyer

    I'm 35. I'm a home owner with two kids so I wanted something that had room for car seats and a bed for trips to Home Depot. I also wanted something that I could throw around in the turns for spirited driving. The Maverick checked all the boxes for me and I ended up getting a Lariat Lux
  2. JamesHenry

    Sell existing vehicle now before delivery?

    I sold both my 2021 Honda Civic Type R and my 2015 Toyota Prius for more than I purchased them for.
  3. JamesHenry

    Pricing & Part #: 2022 Maverick SNUG TOP SPORT (Bed Cap / Camper Shell / Topper)

    Exactly, just like the Toyota Winnebago Trekker! It predates the 4Runner but the success of it told Toyota all it needed to know to launch the 4Runner :)
  4. JamesHenry

    UPDATE 4% under invoice with @dealersider

    I got my 🌶 Ecoboost AWD Lariat + Lux Package + CoPilot360 + 4K Tow + Moon Roof and other misc. accessories through Tom. Great experience and I feel lucky I live just an hour away!
  5. JamesHenry

    Real-Life Photos: 2022 Maverick Lariat FX4 (Exterior & Interior)

    I hope so since I opted for Lariat + Lariat Lux Package. Some of the documentation says its power, some of it says its manual. I don't think anyone can say for certain either way at this point 😂
  6. JamesHenry

    1" Suspension lift... Would you do it?

    If I wasn't going the sport truck route, I would absolutely throw a small 1"-2" lift on it with some all-terrains and call it a day.
  7. JamesHenry

    Truck camper sleeper for Maverick?

    Their system would work well on the Maverick! My work is the importer and distributor of Alu-Cab products so I would love to see an option from them available on the Maverick -- especially if you remove the rear glass and have a passthrough available since it's a unibody construction. With...
  8. JamesHenry

    Documentation Fees at your dealer?

    MSRP for my build was $37K. I just looked and I saved actually around $2500 so I edited my previous post to be more accurate. The dealership an hour away from me has a smoking deal on Mavericks.
  9. JamesHenry

    Documentation Fees at your dealer?

    $394 doc fee for me but I saved around $2500 from MSRP so I won't complain. :LOL:
  10. JamesHenry

    VELOCITY BLUE Maverick Club

    Velocity Blue looks nothing like the damn visual builder. I cannot for the life of me understand why most colors represented in the visual builder looking NOTHING like they do in real life. It blows my mind. Velocity Blue would be my choice if hot pepper red wasn't available.
  11. JamesHenry

    Truck camper sleeper for Maverick?

    That Bronco was at my shop a few weeks back and I instantly fell in love!
  12. JamesHenry

    What do you like LEAST about the Maverick?

    For me, the Maverick hit the nail mostly on the head. Here are the things that I wish were different: Push button start on XLT and even the XL (What the heck?!) XLT interion available on the Lariat (I really, really like the orange accents) AWD Hybrid Option Rear window that would roll down...
  13. JamesHenry

    Pricing & Part #: 2022 Maverick SNUG TOP SPORT (Bed Cap / Camper Shell / Topper)

    For paint matched fiberglass caps, those prices aren't out of the park but I'd rather have a cap that is flush with the roofline.
  14. JamesHenry

    Ford Bed Cap [Snug Top Sport] Spotted on 2022 Maverick During Testing

    I really like what they did with the side windows but the overall design.
  15. JamesHenry

    Chicago Pics: 2022 Maverick Interior, Underhood / Engine, Rear Sliding Window, 4x4 Studs, Spare Tire, Undercarriage, Trailer Brake Controller

    Wow, I didn't realize how... blue the interior was. It reminds me of my dads early 90's Ford interior. I'm not sure how I feel going with a Hot Pepper Red exterior and a Dark Brown/Dark Blue interior with bronze/brown accents :LOL:
  16. JamesHenry

    Sync 3 Overview

    This is in a Bronco Sport, but if you opted for the Lariat, it comes with Sync 3. I knew nothing about what the heck Sync 3 was so I wanted to learn more about it and this was a really good overview. From what I've read, not every option listed in the video will be available on the Maverick but...
  17. JamesHenry

    Bumped from Priority Code 10 to Code 02. What does it mean?

    It means that many of us are very jealous of you!
  18. JamesHenry

    Overlanding with Hybrid Maverick

    Overlanding is just self-reliant vehicle travel in remote parts, typically to experience the culture where the journey is the focus as opposed to the destination. The vehicle is really just the tool to get the job done, whether it is a motorcycle, truck, Jeep or SUV. You typically aren't...
  19. JamesHenry

    How do you guys feel about the cvt transmission?

    I am personally not a fan of CVT transmissions. However, eCVT found in Toyota and now Fords are damn near bulletproof. I had a Subaru Crosstrek with a CVT and vowed never to own a vehicle with one again. I absolutely hated the fake "shift points" the put in the software to make it feel like it...
  20. JamesHenry

    HOT PEPPER RED Maverick Club

    Just put in an order for HPR! I wasn't interested in the color at all until I looked at Rangers with that paint and it sold me on it!