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  1. dceggert

    Mudded XLT/FX4

    That Alto Blue and the brown mud goes pretty good together. The brown interior on the Lariat should blend with it just as well! 😆 😎
  2. dceggert

    Unibody repair

    Not to alarm people but insurance for a front wheel drive unibody vehicle is typically higher than a comparable rear wheel drive body on frame construction. I anticipate the insurance for the Maverick to be a bit more than my Ranger. The 'truck' aspect may factor in as well and lower the rates...
  3. dceggert

    Video: Maverick in Velocity Blue (XL) + Iconic Silver, Hot Pepper Red, Cyber Orange -- From Hermosillo Mexico Plant

    If I am not mistaken, I believe Hermosillo built the old Escort that was Mazda based back in the 1990's. I believe the plant moved to producing the Focus in 2000 when that car came here from Ford of Europe. This plant has been producing vehicles for Ford for many years already. Edit: from...
  4. dceggert

    Pricing & Part #: 2022 Maverick SNUG TOP SPORT (Bed Cap / Camper Shell / Topper)

    So let's see...the target demographic is someone who wanted a bed on their SUV or Xover so they buy a Maverick and then turn it into an SUV? :D I couldn't resist. I know a lot of people with these on their trucks but they were never for me. It just struck me as odd given the stated demographic.
  5. dceggert

    Maverick uses same hybrid system as escape? Any 12v battery issues?

    Okay, I understand. Some of the early driver detection systems when introduced on Lincoln caused some substantial battery drain issues. Most culprits are usually CAN bus related. When a module on the bus wakes up the whole bus wakes up. The rotory shift knob is a good indicator; if the PRNDL is...
  6. dceggert

    Maverick uses same hybrid system as escape? Any 12v battery issues?

    First, explain what 12v battery issues have been occurring on Ford Hybrids please. Yes, there is no alternator on the Hybrid but there is a DC/DC Converter that charges the battery. The DC/DC Converter maintains the 12v system when the vehicle is switched on taking its source from the High...
  7. dceggert

    About the Adaptive Cruise Control in the Maverick...

    Not necessarily. The Stop&Go feature like the Maverick will have will follow the vehicle in front of you down to a stop. It will then sit and hold but it will not resume automatically if it sits for something like 15 seconds. So, when the light turns green you just push resume and then the...
  8. dceggert

    Sell me on Lariat Luxury Package

    Well, firstly, there is no reason to "sell" you on it as this type of choice is personal. You either want it or you don't. Also, everyone's use of the features in the package is also different so what someone may find useless someone else may find very useful. Anyway, the package contents...
  9. dceggert

    Chicago Pics: 2022 Maverick Interior, Underhood / Engine, Rear Sliding Window, 4x4 Studs, Spare Tire, Undercarriage, Trailer Brake Controller

    The engine only starts when needed on a Hybrid as opposed to only stopping while stopped on the start/stop 2.0L. The engine will stop on the Hybrid coasting, light pedal launches, etc. So, no, this is a core function of the Hybrid so there is no deactivate switch.
  10. dceggert

    2022 Ford Maverick owner's manual?

    Nobody reads them so they have one full of Thin Oreos. 😂😆😎
  11. dceggert

    Sorry - I have to ask... (1L water bottles storage)

    There are vehicles with spots for large water bottles. There are truck beds with cutouts for boards to section off the bed. There are other features in use on other vehicles as well. However, the point of pointing these all out is a new design approach employed for the Maverick and the design...
  12. dceggert

    [Picture located] mountain bike tail gate cover pad on Maverick bed

    Standard practice in the auto industry. There are covers for the exterior and covers for the interior. The spy photographers love following the 'cammo' vehicles, taking pics of the outside, and taking pics of the inside on a regular basis.
  13. dceggert

    Michigan roll call!

    Saint Clair Shores, ordered an Alto Blue Lariat Hybrid with the Lux Package from Roy O'Brien Ford..."on the right track to Nine Mile and Mack."
  14. dceggert

    Hybrid FWD and bad weather

    In Dec 2016 when I was shopping for a Fusion I wanted AWD. I test drove the AWD first, found a parking lot that was not plowed and took the car into about 8" of snow that fell a couple of days earlier. As expected the car plowed right through it, spun around easily, and I was impressed. The...
  15. dceggert

    Spray-in bed unavailable?

    The XLT and Lariat Lux Packages have spray in bedliners. If that is a constraint then all the Lux Package orders will be delayed as well.
  16. dceggert

    2.5L Hybrid

    LOL...yes, I am replacing my 2017 Fusion. I lost my Ranger for this very reason (popularity). I replaced a 1999 F150 when I bought the Ranger and my college age daughter immediately "claimed" the Ranger. The rest of the family defended the action so what is a 'dad' to do? In seriousness...
  17. dceggert

    2.5L Hybrid

    So does Sodium-Ion. Much cheaper than the Lithium-Ion (something like 70% less expensive), can be manufactured in the same Li-Ion plant, takes a higher charge rate, and has a slight boost in range. It is a great time to be alive!
  18. dceggert

    2.5L Hybrid

    I own a Ranger FX4 and because I have that I am adding a Maverick Hybrid.
  19. dceggert

    2.5L Hybrid

    There is one way to 'cure' that affliction...a new Mustang GT convertible! Economical driving fun gets checked by the side of the road pretty fast when the 5.0L rumbles to life! 🤣😆🙂
  20. dceggert

    Maverick research and development for how long?

    There is always a lot of planning and preliminary content discussions that go on before a program gets 'approved' which is then considered the official kickoff and people are assigned and real work starts. The Maverick was 3 years from kickoff to release.