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  1. Video: Maverick in Velocity Blue (XL) + Iconic Silver, Hot Pepper Red, Cyber Orange -- From Hermosillo Mexico Plant

    What this means ... Your Ford Maverick is being built by newly hired trainees using parts from newly established surrounding part suppliers [Translation below] SPEAKER: Governor Pavlovich Of The State of Sonora [Where the City of Hermosillo is located]. Clip Title: "Production of The New Ford...
  2. Steel vs aluminum wheels - weight, handing, mpg?

    Or conversely scream: "I'm common sensically, proudly value orientated" - Depends on one's own value system ...
  3. Done ... [Area51 matching colors] Bed Rails

    For the most part, Yes. The parts list on the video is incomplete. It does not include the washers (seen as black washers inside the struts on the picture) used for attaching the black bolts (which are also on the picture leaning against the struts but barely visible) through the struts to the...
  4. Make your own Maverick bed tie-downs: DIY bed side rail tutorial by Ford

    Done. Area51 Bed Rails ... along with Area51 sound cables, water bottles, and other Area51 items ...LOL
  5. Make your own Maverick bed tie-downs: DIY bed side rail tutorial by Ford

    Also, the parts list on the video fails to include the washers needed to attach the bolts through the strut to the bed. It only includes the washers for the eye-bolts.
  6. How good is the CoPilot 360, is it worth it?

    In the XLT, it also adds a "full size spare tire" when adding the CoPilot360
  7. How did you hear about the Maverick?

    My YouTube Feed is full of car related stuff and the Maverick suddenly appeared in it ... I believe Ford timed the publicity release to pre-empt and scavenge sales of the Hyundai Santa Cruz. In my case, the Maverick took the Hyundai Santa Cruz and the (new) Nissan Frontier out of contention.
  8. Tow hooks and or fog lights?

    I posted the questions below on YouTube and got some answers [CREDIT: Long McCartur Ford Dealership, Kansas :: Tim Bartz] Q1 - Is the Power Outlet on the rear (driver) side of the bed “standard” on the XL? XLT? A1 - [CORRECTION] - NO, the outlet in the bed is NOT included with the outlet in...
  9. XL interior color ambiguity

    The video below does a decent job of showing a brief, but good enough, comparative view of the "XL" & "XLT" set of seats (color, styling, fabric, etc.). Also, it appears that the "XL" back seat does not have a flip down arm rest.
  10. Autoline: Maverick's Could Become a Cult Classic (Roundtable Discussion on Maverick Development Process)

    Some hints and commentary on future versions of the Ford Maverick .. GUESTS: Chris Mazur, Chief Program Engineer, Ford Maverick Trevor Scott, Marketing Manager, Ford Maverick and Ford Ranger 1:00 Hour long [Jump to 04:50 Time Mark if you want to save some time] Old Timers/ Industry Insiders...
  11. 2022 Ford Maverick Factory Location.. destination fee

    Your $1,495.00 destination fee will carry your Maverick from this location to your dealership ...
  12. New Shark Fin Antenna?

    All the early Ford Motor Company produced video clips show the Maverick with a "Toy Car/ Mast" Roof Antenna ... if you look at the unit on the video below it seems to have now (later production units?) switched to a "Shark Fin" Antenna ... what do you think? What would you prefer?
  13. Maverick Options & Accessories

    Does anyone know if the Maverick bed comes with predrilled, prethreaded holes for the M6 1.00 x 25mm head button head cap screws to attach the bed rails to the bed as depicted on the Ford Motor Co. YouTube video below ... also, the parts list on the video seems to be missing washers needed by...
  14. Maverick Options & Accessories

    Does anyone know if the Fender Accents on the Bronco Sport would fit the Ford Maverick ...
  15. Maverick Options & Accessories

    For those that are considering the Ford CoPilot360 (option "86B") and-or the Full Size Spare Tire option ... see below. The Full Size spare tire is added at no additional cost as part of the Ford CoPilot360 option. If you choose the Ford CoPilot360 (option "86B") at $540.00 you then get the...
  16. Maverick Options & Accessories

    I posted these questions on YouTube. Answers were provided by Tim Bartz [Internet Sales Manager/ Long McCarthur Ford, Saliinas, KS]. I added some minor edits. Q1: I know the $150.00 (under “Interior Options) optional 110V/400W Outlet is for the outlet located in the Cab on the rear of the...