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  1. Catalytic Converter Location on Maverick?

    You're both right, as from what I've read its an industry in and of itself with organized crime and not a crime of opportunity, but they simply make it well known that they are the buyers in the area willing to exchange quick cash and/or drugs to the meth heads actually carrying out the thefts...
  2. Maverick will get Ford's new Refresh95 advanced cabin air filter

    If its anything like the Ram 1500, only higher trims will actually get a filter, but you could put a filter in lower trims. Even mine that was pretty loaded, they left a spot for the air filter, but no actual filter installed, just use cheap aftermarket ones replaced once a year.
  3. Birds Eye View Cameras?

    They have a very good birds-eye 360 system on the competitor Santa Cruz, but only on the top trim which will set you back $40K.
  4. Why Maverick XL and XLT don't offer SYNC 3

    That is one useful feature of the built in 4G LTE hotspot, you could simply take an old phone or tablet, stash it somewhere out of sight, and have it always boot straight to android auto or apple carplay without having to plug your phone in every time, and then never use the Ford interface at...
  5. Video: Maverick in Velocity Blue (XL) + Iconic Silver, Hot Pepper Red, Cyber Orange -- From Hermosillo Mexico Plant

    The irony is that the Korean version of the Maverick is built in the US. Sadly, this is what we voted for.
  6. Accessory Toys for your Maverick

    Maybe the one at Neverland Ranch.
  7. 🥊 2022 Maverick vs Santa Cruz PRICING, SPECS, TRIMS Comparison

    IMO they are just using one of the oldest tricks in the book. So we're trained from a young age that if you're in a dispute with someone, the most fair solution is generally to find a compromise somewhere in the middle, that way nobody gets exactly what they want but no one is hurt too bad...
  8. Anyone Considering Wrapping Their Maverick? Two-tone?

    After white, yellow probably reflects the most light. Black, Alto Blue, and Carbonized Gray would likely be the hottest. One thing I am liking about the carbonized gray is that it makes the rear bumper and unpainted door handles blend a bit better visually, and it wouldn't clash with the...
  9. Maverick All Wheel Drive (AWD) - full time / part time system?

    I've never heard it defined that way. Full time AWD implies that power is always going to all four wheels, part time means that only sometimes do all four wheels get power, which is how the Maverick will operate. Under normal conditions the back wheels are disengaged for fuel economy.
  10. Maverick 2.0L EcoBoost Engine Sound Clip

    Hybrid only has a regular low pressure fuel pump, it'll probably be quieter idling. That loud tap-tap-tap that you hear is second high pressure fuel pump. The turbo quiets the exhaust down at idle. When actually driving though, the hybrid is supposed to be quite a bit louder.
  11. 🥊 2022 Maverick vs Santa Cruz PRICING, SPECS, TRIMS Comparison

    The government fleet is too massive and many of the vehicles too new to afford to push that through, plus if they were to push EVs instead of hybrids, the infrastructure simply isn't there throughout the US. The costs would be astronomical, so I think that was just a talking point and not a...
  12. 🥊 2022 Maverick vs Santa Cruz PRICING, SPECS, TRIMS Comparison

    Yeah, they are more tolerant of abuse, but they have soft touch materials now that last as well. I drove a 2022 Tucson Limited and the interior really is impressive, you should try it out before deciding. I haven't sat a Maverick yet, but I have sat a Bronco Sport and you can definitely...
  13. 🥊 2022 Maverick vs Santa Cruz PRICING, SPECS, TRIMS Comparison

    Someone posted pre-order info, and XL's made up <10% IIRC. I can definitely see government fleets and the like picking them up en masse, but most people walking into a dealership are going to step up to XLTs which will make up the bulk of sales. Its like when Jeep started selling barebones...
  14. 🥊 2022 Maverick vs Santa Cruz PRICING, SPECS, TRIMS Comparison

    Ditto, I'm pretty sure I'm going with a simple XLT FWD hybrid w/ just Ford 360 and spray in bedliner and hitch and calling it a day. I just wanted to play devil's advocate and point out that the spreadsheet wasn't capturing everything, and with certain use-cases the SC is actually cheaper.
  15. 🥊 2022 Maverick vs Santa Cruz PRICING, SPECS, TRIMS Comparison

    The top trim, yes, but they priced the Santa Cruz over a very wide range and SC did cover the value segment, and that requires a deep dive into a "use-case" scenario. So almost nobody is buying the Maverick XL, which basically exists along with the industry's highest destination fee in order to...
  16. 🥊 2022 Maverick vs Santa Cruz PRICING, SPECS, TRIMS Comparison

    One problem here is that this chart is pretty incomplete when it comes to features. For example, a loaded Santa Cruz has a lot of things that aren't mentioned in the spreadsheet. It has a more advanced turbocharged engine that not only is more powerful but is both port and fuel injected so...
  17. Maverick Lariat 7-Seater SUV Imagined

    Biggest problem I had with the Flex was the last generation ecoboost, internal water pump and poor fuel economy. With the hybrid probably averaging 34mpg mixed driving, that would be great!
  18. Video: Is It Good In Person? 2022 Maverick First Look

    Heavy dogs become unsecured projectiles in a crash, bad for everyone. Strap a crate down in the bed.
  19. Video: Is It Good In Person? 2022 Maverick First Look

    You carry four big guys? Usually you can just put the tall people in the front and the shorties in the back when you have a full house. The bigger deal IMO is how vertical the rear seats are, as that affects shorties too for long-haul comfort.
  20. Underbody foam (under engine bay) will hopefully have aftermarket plastic / carbon fiber replacement

    If the oil filter is accessible from the engine bay, I won't care, I use a vacuum pump. If I have to remove that board every single time, ugh, what a pain.