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  1. 7/23 - Maverick Scheduling Update - No retail orders, but stock orders are scheduling

    Scheduled for 9/6...that is the 4th week of production! This does not look good for retail orders, especially since I did not order until 6/29 with Granger. :(
  2. Best guesses at build date for my Maverick? Just totaled my car, have to make some decisions...

    Out of curiosity, what do you base this on...any insider information?
  3. Has the date been closed for ordering the Maverick?

    The latest word is scheduling for retail orders will start on July 29th...I think you could order until then.
  4. ~26.6 MPG for 2.0L Maverick Lariat FX4!

    I would not trust the dashboard my experience when I tracked the actual mileage and gallons of gas used, the calculated result was always higher than the dashboard calculation. Maybe the Maverick will be more accurate...
  5. Keypad entry on Maverick?

    I know on the Lariat trim it has a keypad entry...can't remember if the other trims has this option.
  6. Pricing & Part #: 2022 Maverick SNUG TOP SPORT (Bed Cap / Camper Shell / Topper)

    This topper is too expensive for me as well. Plus I don't want to be taking it off and on to accommodate tall cargo...
  7. What do you like LEAST about the Maverick?

    Does your 4Runner have active-x material or is it another type of faux leather?
  8. Hot Pepper Red Maverick vs Rapid Red F-150 - colors and size comparison look

    The F-150 sure makes the Maverick look small...but that is okay with me!
  9. Sell me on Lariat Luxury Package

    I went with the Lariat trim due to the additional safety features...I need all the help that I can get since I am in my 60's. LOL.
  10. Sell existing vehicle now before delivery?

    The used car prices are going down. During the past 3 weeks, my Mazda 2013 SUV has dropped $2000! Good thing that I don't have sell it.
  11. Interior Walkthrough Videos -- Maverick XLT and Lariat

    In other pictures/videos, especially the ones from the Chicago auto show, the blue is much darker. I would wait and see it in person before you decide against the color scheme. Personally, I really like the colors.
  12. Test Drive the 2022 Maverick at the Chicago Auto Show! + Hot Pepper Red Maverick Close-Up

    Big thank you for the pictures!!! This is the best picture of the sliding back window that I have seen. It is larger than I thought...
  13. First 2022 Maverick scheduling confirmed yesterday - for production week of 8/23/21

    I ordered from Granger last month and my priority code is a 19. Did you request a better priority code from Sean or Zach?
  14. Documentation Fees at your dealer?

    I am going thru Granger...$180 doc fee and $45 transit tag fee.
  15. Real-Life Photos: 2022 Maverick XLT Hybrid (Exterior & Interior)

    I do not like the orange color in the XLR trim...I am glad that I went with the Lariat trim!
  16. Confirmation of Ordered Date - when did you receive yours?

    My confirmation date from Ford was June 29. I received it within 30 minutes of my dealer (Granger Ford) submitting my order.
  17. AREA 51 Maverick Club

    I love the interior colors and the Area 51 color on the outside. I ordered the Area 51, Lariat trim, Luxury Lariat, 4k tow package and floor liners. I am glad that I did not order the First Edition though. The black color embossed with first edition looks hideous to me (see the video from the...