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  1. Why Maverick XL and XLT don't offer SYNC 3

    2022 Ford Maverick XL And XLT Do Not Offer SYNC 3: Here’s Why When the 2022 Ford Maverick was revealed last month, there was one curious omission from Ford Maverick XL and XLT trims – the...
  2. Pricing & Part #: 2022 Maverick SNUG TOP SPORT (Bed Cap / Camper Shell / Topper)

    I assume that people will buy it at that price...Snug Top is certainly proud of their new creation.
  3. Accessory Toys for your Maverick

    Whoa! A Maverick can tow a train? I thought that was only the F150 Lightning that could do that.
  4. Spare tire housing the same for either tire

    And then..after you lower the spare to the ground, it's still under the truck. So now you have to reach/crawl under the truck to disconnect the lifting cable from the spare and drag the spare from under the truck. And if the flat is a rear tire, the space under the truck is going to be...
  5. My Maverick Pics From Chicago w/ Plywood Fit in Bed & Rear Sliding Window Photos

    Some good pics, thanks. Is that you in the drivers seat? How does it sit and how tall are you?
  6. Make your own Maverick bed tie-downs: DIY bed side rail tutorial by Ford

    Google 'removable pickup truck ladder racks' there's bunches of clamp on racks out there. And some of them look like they could be adjusted/cut to size to fit a Maverick.
  7. Maverick Owner's Manual / Oreos Thins Promotion

    Also from the press release- The Ford Maverick was developed in record time, cutting 20 months out of Ford’s normal development schedule. During this time, the Maverick team spent long hours in their collaboration room, which featured a pantry – and in that pantry was a lot of Oreos. The team...
  8. Maverick steering wheel is growing on me

    How fast can you grow them? Will this be a production issue?
  9. Need quick decision. Cancel splash guards to get truck sooner?

    Drop them, pick up something after market if you decide you need them.
  10. Maverick in show room August 2021?

    In case you can't see the day-glo yellow through the fog. Cool car!
  11. What would you buy/lease, if the Maverick didn't exist?

    F150 Lightning. Got on that reservation list just before Ford announced the Maverick.
  12. Make your own Maverick bed tie-downs: DIY bed side rail tutorial by Ford

    From what I see on the 'Build Your Maverick' site, they don't appear to be available on the xl, and only as part of a package on the xlt and lariat.
  13. Cactus Gray Maverick XL walkaround video

    I really like the cement gray 'Cactus Gray'..not so much the blue gray, or the mint gray, or the almost white gray. Too many different shades of 'Cactus Gray'.
  14. 40mpg - Tested or Estimated?

    " mileage will decrease...". We bought a new Prius in 2006, got 48-50 mpg consistently for the first couple of years. In 2008 Oregon mandated E10. Mileage dropped to around 40 mpg.
  15. Make your own Maverick bed tie-downs: DIY bed side rail tutorial by Ford

    Only a couple so far. They're on youtube @ FordMotorCompany
  16. Chevy joining the competition?

    With Chevy/GM's history of killing off the hybrid/electric vehicles they develop, I don't think they'll be much competition.