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  1. Darnon

    Will pricing change?

    It happened with the Bronco and Bronco Sport.
  2. Darnon

    Aux input - line in

    Sync3 can play media files off of USB drive. The lower trims with their Sync3-lite likely should support it as well.
  3. Darnon

    Pics: Cactus Gray Maverick Lariat & XLT Hybrid w/ Spray Bed Liner and Bed Extender

    Lariat has the same gunmetal blue as the XLT. The seats are likewise blue/brown.
  4. Darnon

    Pics: Cactus Gray Maverick Lariat & XLT Hybrid w/ Spray Bed Liner and Bed Extender

    Looks like it has the bed outlet so an XLT Lux.
  5. Darnon

    Documentation Fees at your dealer?

    Key replacement insurance.
  6. Darnon

    Pics: Cactus Gray Maverick Lariat & XLT Hybrid w/ Spray Bed Liner and Bed Extender

    The Lariat's interior is blue too, y'know.
  7. Darnon

    Why no LED DRL's on XLT?

    Create a account and install the phone app. It's the same one that will allow you to do things like remote start the vehicle. About 10 days after you link your vehicle to your account you receive the points.
  8. Darnon

    Maverick XLT hybrid delay?

    Long McArthur Ford's rep had mentioned some notes on regional constraints for it in the early scheduling so people started taking it as gospel that hybrids were going to be late production or something. Although at the same time there's been multiple people with hybrids that have been moved to...
  9. Darnon

    Maverick depreciation / resale value?

    I'm looking to finance with Digital Federal Credit Union through which the Hybrid Maverick should qualify for 1.24% for 65 months as a fuel efficient vehicle. That's a tough rate to beat for the term.
  10. Darnon

    Why no LED DRL's on XLT?

    They're just reward points you get from purchasing things like services at a Ford dealership. Relevant to Maverick buyers purchasing a new vehicle gets you 42,000 or the equivalent of $210 which you can spend on parts, accessories, or services.
  11. Darnon

    Maverick tailgate weight limit lbs - half and down positions

    One of the engineers in an interview mentioned 500 lbs as well. I believe it was with TFL.
  12. Darnon

    Sell existing vehicle now before delivery?

    KBB uses something like a 3 month rolling average and used auction prices (and therefore present trade-in value) are reportedly starting to cool down. That said it's also worth checking Carvana, Vroom, Auto Lenders Go, and Shift.
  13. Darnon

    Why no LED DRL's on XLT?

    Is it confirmed the turn signal is DRL? There's three lower light positions so I'd think one of those is a white light DRL.
  14. Darnon

    Video: Maverick in Velocity Blue (XL) + Iconic Silver, Hot Pepper Red, Cyber Orange -- From Hermosillo Mexico Plant

    Ford's been building out of the Hermosillo plant for decades so presumably they're satisfied with the output. And any auto factory is going to have vehicles that require mid-line and end inspection quality rework.
  15. Darnon

    VELOCITY BLUE Maverick Club

    There's also Lightning Blue which is slightly darker.
  16. Darnon

    Planned purchases / mods for your Maverick?

    From the images we've seen of a Velocity Blue Maverick sporting a factory hard rollup I believe the OE option is a Revolver.
  17. Darnon

    Interior Walkthrough Videos -- Maverick XLT and Lariat

    The optioned 400 Watt inverter is for inside the cab at the rear of the console. It doesn't get you the bed outlet one.
  18. Darnon

    Planned purchases / mods for your Maverick?

    It would be nice if the Lariat at least came with auto dimming rearview and even better sideview like my Fusion has. Which reminds me to also add to the list blind spot mirrors or possibly order OEM non-BLIS mirrors that have them built in.
  19. Darnon

    Planned purchases / mods for your Maverick?

    Got an auto-dimming rear mirror and a set of Nokian Rotiiva tires to replace the hybrid all-seasons just in time for WNY winter. Will grab some aftermarket 17" rims to mount them on or find someone to trade the Lariat wheels for. Hopefully some lower profile aftermarket splashguards come out...
  20. Darnon

    Pricing & Part #: 2022 Maverick SNUG TOP SPORT (Bed Cap / Camper Shell / Topper)

    Can't take the back half of roof off a Ford Escape when you want, though. Or have a built in wall between the cargo and passenger compartment.