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  1. Jukebox Nero

    Seat to ground distance?

    Insider information. Count on his replies being pretty accurate.
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    What do you like LEAST about the Maverick?

    I don't know, but I sure hope it doesn't. I can't tell from this photo: SOURCE I don't mind the straight ones, but having used 3 different iterations of the predictive ones, I am less than a fan of them. All opinion, of course.
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    What do you like LEAST about the Maverick?

    Rear Parking Sensors are available for the Lariat, just not the XL or XLT it seems.
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    Change Priority Number?

    No, the others are not necessarily 11-18. The ordering system defaults to a 19, so unless they have manually adjusted the number to something lower, they can all be 19. To change it, just ask your dealer to bump it to a different number. That does not necessarily mean yours will show up...
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    Planned purchases / mods for your Maverick?

    Young? Hell, we have a 29 year old I wouldn't trust to ride on uncovered seats.
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    Interior Walkthrough Videos -- Maverick XLT and Lariat

    I believe that is the Tri-Fold, based on the other builds we have seen that definitely have the soft and hard roll-ups. Someone else can correct me if I am mistaken.
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    Best guesses at build date for my Maverick? Just totaled my car, have to make some decisions...

    Sorry to hear about your wreck. Does your insurance cover vehicle rental, and if so, how long do they give you? That would, at least, take care of some of the time. As far as delivery date, I don't think anyone knows for sure at this moment, but yes, the 29th is supposed to be scheduling date...
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    Bumped from Priority Code 10 to Code 02. What does it mean?

    Got word from my salesperson today (he has been out of pocket) that my priority code got bumped from the original 11 to a 2 as well. My build is Alto Blue Lariat Lux with EB 2.0, 4k Tow, FX4, spray-in with hard roll-up, and a few other bell/whistle accessories. Not sure any of that helps...
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    2022MY Maverick Retail Scheduling Will Now Take Place on Thursday, July 29

    Welcome aboard. I created an account on "another Maverick forum" back in April, but that was just to keep someone from posting there as me here. 😁 Not saying it would happen, but it was no skin off my back to create the account. Glad you chose to head this way. Enjoy your stay.
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    Pricing & Part #: 2022 Maverick SNUG TOP SPORT (Bed Cap / Camper Shell / Topper)

    Thing I don't get is why are all the prices (except commercial) the same? If my Alto Blue truck paint was an upcharge, why wouldn't a like-painted topper have a similar price increase?
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    What do you like LEAST about the Maverick?

    It's kind of funny how much this topic has blown up. Once the Maverick was announced and we started collecting information, I thought creating this thread would be a good place to field some minor gripes that our Ford lurkers could take in and make note of for future revisions. A central...
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    2022 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Yes, this was back on June 8th, when we were first reserving. At that time, there was little known about the reservation process with the Maverick. We have since hashed out that they didn't require the standard $100 reservation fee they needed for other models. Thanks for the input.
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    About the Adaptive Cruise Control in the Maverick...

    Nope, one of ours has it and I hate calibrating the follow distance. Without realizing it, the car will slow with a good 6-8 car lengths in front of us with the default distance. It slows so gradually that I don't notice the speed change until cars are passing us. I love CC, but I really...
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    Does Maverick have universal garage door opener buttons in the visor or mirror?

    On this subject, does anyone know if there is an accessory harness near where the mirror is? If I get an aftermarket auto-dimming/Homelink mirror, I would like for it to be disabled without my fob/key in the vehicle. I also don't want some customs shop screwing with the existing wiring and...
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    Homelink available on Lariat Maverick?

    There is no Homelink option that we can tell as discussed HERE and HERE. You will also find some information on the aftermarket options on those links.
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    Sorry - I have to ask... (1L water bottles storage)

    The difficulty I have with them is figuring out just how many ice cubes to use. When I am doing yardwork, I hate running out of water before cubes when using one.
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    Chicago Pics: 2022 Maverick Interior, Underhood / Engine, Rear Sliding Window, 4x4 Studs, Spare Tire, Undercarriage, Trailer Brake Controller

    My guess is they were in a hurry for a presentation of some kind and they didn't have time for a full AA rendering, so they just used a fractal rendering. Some big wig probably said "Hey, I like that. Is that how it's going to look?" To which the presenters said "Uhhh... Yeah." I'm not sure...