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  1. Ford has forgotten who the customers are

    Another thread with the same content as every other thread.
  2. Hybrid Maverick 2.5 MPG Mileage Test - by TFL

    The last two videos from them are making me forget about the loss of push button and proximity entry. I will miss them, but I will love the bed and the hybrid. (Before you quote me, you cannot get Lariat Hybrid in Canada)
  3. 🚨 Hybrid Maverick 2.5L is OKTB!

    Another thread with the exact same content in it as so many others. You guys like to see your post count increase, eh?
  4. Hybrid Maverick torture test - hauling 200 lbs over payload limit in bed [TFL]

    Damn. Great video. This is way more than I would ever do. The truck is definitely capable!
  5. RaceChip Piggyback Tune released for 2022 Maverick

    True, I am not debating the tech behind the tune. But to call your dealer, tell them you are going to increase boost with an aftermarket mod, and then ask if it has warranty. How to flag your car 101. :LOL:
  6. MTC Sticker Decal Giveaway Contest [Enter to Win]!

    XLT Hybrid, Luxury, Sunroof, CoPilot on Method Wheels:
  7. RaceChip Piggyback Tune released for 2022 Maverick

    Of course it is not covered under any warranty, at all. Think about it a little bit. You are making components work outside of their range that Ford has set. If it breaks, because you changed something, why are they liable? 🤦‍♂️
  8. Dent in the bed. Looking for ideas

    You have no idea what you're talking about, that is easy for PDR. Typical people on a forum just spewing about things they don't know about! edit - I see the OP went to a PDR place, and would ya look at that. Looks really good for being "body work needed" :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  9. Smartphone holder suction mount transforms Maverick dash cubby into functional space

    Calm down, you're speaking too much logic for this forum. 🤣
  10. DIY dash cubby frame / holder for kleenex tissues

    Lots of track days, I do not race competitively however.
  11. DIY dash cubby frame / holder for kleenex tissues

    You'll be seeing my maverick a lot up there, taking my bike to the new track. Nice to see a fellow Albertan.
  12. Maverick Specialist: Hybrid EPA Certification is 'In', Spray In Liner Confirmation and 'The Queue'

    Do you guys just repeat the same thing over and over, but in a different thread?
  13. Tinted tail lights, sides, windshield + OZ Racing aftermarket wheels

    Nice wheels. Not feeling the tails, hard for other drivers to see.
  14. Maverick loaded down with dirt bike and gear, and getting 24mpg

    Thanks for posting this pic. This is the only reason I am getting a Maverick. Wicked tail gate thing as well, will have to look into those. You really can't see the ramp?
  15. Still can't get a straight answer from Ford

    An upfitter isn’t calling a consumer customer support phone line. You really thought you had something there 😂
  16. Still can't get a straight answer from Ford

    The expectations that some of you have is astounding. If you're asking technical questions like this, you are not an average consumer, and to realize that the customer service line is for... wait for it... average consumers.
  17. Shipping Charge Is Excessive!

    No it's not. It includes carrier, rail load, carrier to dealer, and PDI by the store, to take the transport blocks out, update software, inspection and road test for safety. Stop making threads just to make threads.
  18. New wheels! fifteen52 Metrix MX 17x8.0 + Falken Wildpeak 245/70 Tires + Tint + Headlights / Taillights Mod

    Looks great. Nice shots too - What camera /lens, ND filter? Or just phone?