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  1. Can you explain this

  2. Can you explain this

    The pricing on this dealers site for accessories. Hopefully it’s a mistake or let’s mark it up a little.
  3. Adding sound deadening. Soon.

    Never had an issue with any vehicle warranty. Who puts the same tires on as factory? Don’t have to use Motorcraft oil. Sound deadening might cause a warranty issue for rust through warranty if it rusted under it that quickly. Some service advisor just scared your neighbor. Service intervals are...
  4. Adding sound deadening. Soon.

    This is the spectrum analyzer at 55mph. No wind tonight. Fan speed on 2. No acceleration and no other cars near me. A normal/not smooth but pothole free 4 lane road I frequently use. Disregard peak as that was during acceleration.
  5. Ford has forgotten who the customers are

    This might be why the wait is so long. Employees watching an F150 trying to pull the rail cars.
  6. Adding sound deadening. Soon.

    Opinions. Thinking of removing the amplifier mounting bracket from back wall. It vibrates like a sob tapping on it. Not going to drill spot welds as they are visible bedside.
  7. Adding sound deadening. Soon.

    You might find this interesting. My first car was a 67 beetle. Back in 83. For sound deadening I flooded floor with roofing tar and covered it with tar paper before carpet went down. Next was a new Ford 86 Escort GT. Stuffed all hollow cavities above floor with blown in insulation. Guess you...
  8. Adding sound deadening. Soon.

    Having owned and driven this MAV for a month I can hear the most noise(road) from the rear. It’s not bad but definitely the loudest area of the truck.
  9. Adding sound deadening. Soon.

    This new truck has me excited to once again want to customize a vehicle. Although it is very quiet inside, there is always room for improvement. Going to add sound deadening in a methodical way. Section at a time as I don’t want to add 100lbs to the vehicle. Downloaded a spectrum analyzer app...
  10. Dave Ramsey hates Mavericks

    True about the used. Whoever ended up with my Colorado bought the small Colorado AC, transmission shudder and never knowing what gear to be in.
  11. Wiper arm hits the engine hood

    What is that white stuff
  12. Lowered Maverick pickup haters look away! This one is slammed / dumped on bags

    Looks good if it’s your thing. Not a bash on owners style. Only things I don’t care for are painted trims pieces and added flares.
  13. Hood Shake

    Waiting for list to go to dealer with. If no list soon enough I will just take it in. Will do myself if not satisfied. I expect a runaround because this seems to be the new norm with cars.
  14. Hood Shake

    GM fixed my Colorado by injecting expanding foam at rear of hood between skin and bracing. It’s just because of the material thickness. Wife’s Bronco sport does it too
  15. Road Noise is horrible in the Maverick 2.0

    It’s also quieter than my wife’s 37k Bronco sport in road and engine noise. And it’s not bad.
  16. Road Noise is horrible in the Maverick 2.0

    I have a Lariat with sound shield wind shield. No wind noise. Road noise is only a bit loud on the roughest highways. Creaks and rattles are 0. Also most OEM tires don’t help. I think it only needs sound deadening sheets on back panel of passenger compartment. I do plan to add it in that area.
  17. Thanksgiving day of Thanks

    Happy Thanksgiving all. I’m so thankful for my Maverick I’m going to wash it now.
  18. 1st vehicle, Maverick might make sense.

    She will. Already paying for college and she has money plus family help. She has been planning for a vehicle. She doesn’t need to lift. Just a kid with ideas. I don’t want it for me as I have one.
  19. 1st vehicle, Maverick might make sense.

    Lifting it a little is just her first thoughts because the boys have lifted trucks. If it were lifted maybe 2 inches tops. Will try to talk her out of it. Don’t think warranty will be affected with electrical, ac or engine with a size bigger tires. She is very careful with her possessions. Never...