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  1. FORScan for Maverick? Any users, thoughts? Tips/tricks?

    Nothing yet that I've seen on the Maverick, but sister site has unlocked drive modes on the Bronco
  2. October 25-29 Ecoboost builds

    Updated today after 3 weeks to built "awaiting shipment". Was completed on the 29th, not sure what its been doing since then. New ETA date now as well, 12/22 :cautious:
  3. Matching factory paint color for bed lumber

    When mine finally shows up I plan to do something similar with a 2x10 to divide the back slot and the tailgate. Not sure on what coating I will put on there yet myself but something water resistant and possibly rubberized if it exists.
  4. Well its finally here and

    love the pic. Nice shot
  5. Wheres everyone in The Great White North?

    Ordered \confirmed June 21
  6. It is UNIQUE

    Super Grats! Anything planned next besides whats mentioned?
  7. 2021 SEMA Custom Maverick Builds by Air Design, Tucci, D.R.A.G.G.

    I like those modified headlights
  8. 2021 SEMA Custom Maverick Builds by Air Design, Tucci, D.R.A.G.G.

    TFLnow released an early inside look at SEMA 2021 and I have time stamped the Maverick section in the link below, showcasing both
  9. Order/Build sequence of events?

    The one I linked does work up here, but the official one from Ford does not
  10. Order/Build sequence of events?

    You'll want to talk with the dealer and get the order number from them. You can even ask for a screen cap from their system that will show VIN and order number. From there you can check with the VIN and order number at this link Based on...
  11. 6-speaker Sound System Review | Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

    Better than I expected, but agree it could use more bass when the volume is raised. I did hear some panel rattle on one of the tracks he was playing. Wonder how bad it will be? 🤔
  12. Canadian owners with luxury package... Important cold weather questions!

    In the Owners Manual on page 124 it mentions Auto will attempt to get the cab temperature to 22*C
  13. Ordered in June still no build date

    any added accessories not showing in your picture? Tonneau cover, mud flaps etc. that might be a restraint?
  14. Wheres everyone in The Great White North?

    That's my truck right there. Mine is suppose to be built this week, so will be a few weeks yet before I can see\post anything.
  15. Anyone from North Dakota order a Maverick?

    Few hours north of you, does that count? :LOL:
  16. XLT Review *Canadian ACCELER8*

    Some mistakes in his details like payload, but overall decent review with high resolution video\production
  17. Do you need premium gas?

    Here is a blurb from a recent AAA report: Gasoline Recommendations Regardless of whether your car calls for regular or premium, the best choice for ongoing performance and economy is a TOP TIER gasoline. Recent AAA testing found TOP TIER gasolines keep internal engine components up to 19...