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  1. Western Washington

    Where are the pics!? Happy you all got them this week!
  2. FordPass Maverick Purchase Reward Points

    The dealer I bought my truck from was quick to get me to download the app and connect it for me (I had my vehicle delivered across the country) so I could track the vehicle. My points showed up in less than a week from when I downloaded app, connected/input my VIN and purchased the vehicle.
  3. Factory percentage window tint in the back and reardoor windows

    Bumping... looking to get my front windows and windshield tinted to match, has anyone else had theirs done and know %? Seems like 20-23% range thus far. I'm assuming, in addition, it also depends on the tint film material/brand being applied to a degree as far as matching %?
  4. Motorcycle riders, let’s see your ride.

    2021 KTM 250SX with FC suspension, FMF pipe/silencer and a few other little goodies :).
  5. Are you Ceramic Coating your Maverick ? Cost ?

    I went ahead and got a quote for ceramic coating just to see... it was $1500 and therefore not worth it for me given I'll be taking my truck to the motocross track and loading a dirtbike in it weekly, etc. However, I did see Carbon_Mav on here with his build thread that used Carpro Hydro2 that I...
  6. Ford Maverick Owners Registry & Stats [Add Yours]!

    Mine arrived today, will add to sheet. XLT with luxury package, FX4, Co-Pilot360
  7. Western Washington

    Haha fair enough I suppose lol! Not sure when Grays Harbor MX will be back for spring riding but will take some trips up that way and into Seattle to visit some friends.
  8. CARBONIZED GRAY Maverick Club

    Delivered to the house today woo! Just needs a nice wash and some driving now.
  9. Western Washington

    Hope you get it here soon! Mine was delivered today. I will be up in Washington quite a bit for racing motocross (castle rock/riverdale and woodland). Will let you all know when I do go if interested.
  10. Oregon

    Delivered today... looks awesome and quite the upgrade for me (first new car and something not 20 years old lol). Need to get it cleaned after its cross country trek for delivery but other then that fit/quality looks awesome (checked spray in bed liner and had no fitment issues)
  11. CARBONIZED GRAY Maverick Club

    I ordered the polished aluminum tailgate letters... my truck will be here tomorrow and hopefully I should have the letters this week to put on and take some pics :)!
  12. Oregon

    Just saw on my fordpass app, looks like my Maverick will be here tomorrow at home!
  13. How many of you Mav owners have seen another Mav on the road?

    I saw one (Black) in town on the highway here. Only one I have seen, mine will be arriving this week fingers crossed!
  14. Front Window Tint (now matching factory rear windows)

    Never had a vehicle with tinted windows but will be getting this done on all windows to match as well (Carbonized Grey Mav) with black wheels. Like the fact it blocks UV rays and keeps interior cooler in the summer with less fade.
  15. Dealer has vehicle I ordered listed on their website

    Every time I called and checked with dealers ( listed vehicles even saying “in stock” with vin etc) they said it was a customer order and taken. I called easily 50-60 dealers in my search nationwide to find one not spoken for, and every time they told me it’s an automated/automatic thing...
  16. Dealer has vehicle I ordered listed on their website

    You are fine… in my quest to find an unreserved Maverick the dealers I all called had this issue. Ford/dealer websites auto update with these vehicle posts regardless if they are taken for. It is still your vehicle and just their automated system updating the website (regardless if the vehicle...
  17. Installed BFG KO2 tires with white letters

    Looks really clean, might have to get these. Also curious about mpg, ride/noise.
  18. Tire pressure overinflated at delivery - anyone else?

    Mine are at 38-40psi (fordpass app) waiting on delivery this week. Not worried, always check my tires before anyways and set them for the temps here.
  19. Oregon

    I have a Carbonized Grey Maverick XLT lux being delivered from across the country this week. (I had to call 100+ dealers to find one without ridiculous markup and available in the trim I was hoping for). Hopefully will be driving it around/taking it to the track for motocross by next weekend or so!
  20. Maverick Tailgate Lettering in Polished Stainless Steel Are Actual Metal - Real Life Installed Look

    Thank you! Makes my decision easy seeing this… I am sure black would work and look nice too but I’ll order this up today! Did you apply the pieces yourself?