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  1. Owner shows Maverick can carry 3 dirtbikes

    And I was lucky to get one four wheeler in!
  2. So how are we doing in Colorado?

    Ordered mine in June, picked it up last friday at Western Slope Ford in Grand Junction. Hats off to the sales staff, no surprises on invoicing, they were even able to get me the $2,200.00 dollar offer from Ford for the FWD 4K issue. I would recommend them to anyone buying a new Mav.
  3. Built 11/11

    Mine was built on 10-15, Ford just sent me an e-mail extending the delivery date back another 4 weeks.
  4. What are you going to put in your "shrine" Cubby (space next display screen)?

    I was thinking of adding a USB charger in the back and then mounting a phone bracket so I can use it for navigation.
  5. 📫 9/2 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    Recieved my e-mail at 7:58 MT week of Oct. 18 XLT Carbonized Grey, 2.0 E.B. AWD ( Changed my order from FWD on 8-19 ) Western Slope Ford, 4K Tow package, Full size spare.