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  1. Maverick is only “small” compared to large trucks.

    Outside of the f-150 I bought new in ‘05, I have never owned a full size truck. I only bought that one because I needed the bed space for my job. Previous to that I owned multiple Rangers, Couriers, and other small pickups. I just like small trucks. Little things.. Like being able to reach the...
  2. Issue with light above cubby

    Mine likes to shut itself off. I then have to go back thru the menus to turn it back on. That kind of issue?
  3. Gator SFX Tonneau Cover installed. Exchanging for TruXedo Pro X15

    I just bought the same cover. Hasn’t been shipped yet. It wasn’t my first choice, as I really want a topper. For me it’s a cheap go between until some other company makes a shell that doesn’t cost $3500. For now I’ll use it to just keep things out of sight in the bed. I wonder.. When you remove...
  4. How many of you Mav owners have seen another Mav on the road?

    Central Wa. Haven’t seen one before or since I bought mine, and neither have any of the people who stop me to ask about it.
  5. Lowered Maverick pickup haters look away! This one is slammed / dumped on bags

    I think it looks pretty cool. And to the haters, think of it like this.., Even though it’s not your cup o tea, the more interest and customizing that gets done to these trucks, the better it is for the aftermarket in whole.
  6. Anyone order Snug Cap?

    I would if not for the fact it cost WAY too much. For real… If it were say, $2000 or close to that, I would have one already. Over 3 grand for a topper that small, no matter how nice it is, is just a ripoff. I’ll wait for a more affordable top from a different company.
  7. How many keys/fobs did you get?

    Mine came with two. Harley-Davidson on the other hand are cheap bastards and only give one fob with their new bikes.
  8. The two ugliest colors ford has ever come up with.

    I feel personally attacked…😆 Seriously though, I really like Cactus Grey because it looks like rattle can primer! I used to rattle can all my old cars back in the day because I was too broke to get a real paint job. So now my truck matches my old ‘70 Mustang which is still wearing rattle can...
  9. Blacked Out: More Looks @ Shadow Black Maverick Lariat FX4 + Black Wheels

    Blacked out looks so good. I personally think it can make just about any vehicle look nice. Too bad it’s so hard to keep clean. I’ve owned one completely black vehicle. Never again…lol
  10. Pop up campers great for Maverick 4k tow

    Since I bought my Maverick I’ve been looking at a small camper just because I can now tow one. Never was interested in one before. I’m going to be broke soon…..
  11. Road Noise is horrible in the Maverick 2.0

    My XLT FX4 with the Pirelli’s is nice and quiet. I don’t know what your idea of noisy is, but my Maverick is quieter on the highway than my ‘17 Escape SE was. My wife doesn’t have to raise her voice at all when she talks to me, so I don’t have to turn up the radio as much to drown it out. 😆
  12. Emergency Stuff in Your Truck? What Do You Carry For Emergencies?

    They’re not for everyone. I understand why they make some people uncomfortable. That being said, I have a carry permit, but only carry on rare occasions. I never leave one in the car though. That’s just asking for bad things to happen if it got stolen. If you carry, carry it on you at all times...
  13. All-New 2023 Ford Ranger Revealed!

    Surprised how much of the styling mimics the Maverick. I like it. But I’m betting on a 45k price tag. Btw, what’s the point of being able to clamp wood to the tailgate? I’ve worked in construction for 26 years and never once have I needed to do that….
  14. Closer look at Satin Black Hood Scoop installed on Maverick

    Dang! That looks pretty cool! What’s the price on those?
  15. Fat Lady has sung

    Huh… it’s almost like there’s a supply chain and a pandemic thing happening.. weird!
  16. Patience

    From the color matched mirror caps, that would be a yes.
  17. Shift lever opinions

    I’m still getting used to it. I don’t hate it, but I’m not a huge fan of it either. I liked being able to rest my right hand on a traditional shifter in my other cars and trucks… Another note, muscle memory is gonna be a bit tricky because the rotary dial shifter doesn’t have stops before park...
  18. How’s the heater?

    The mornings here in central Wa. are getting pretty cold so I like to start the truck with the Pass app before I leave. I’ve noticed the truck won’t warm past the first engine temp marker until I drive it for a few miles. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes.. Doesn’t seem to make much of a...
  19. A Maverick with driving/fog lights

    So the little Maverick on the info screen has fog lights when viewed from the front, but then when it zooms out and to the 3/4 view they’re tow hooks… Weird right? Did Ford plan on including these lights but nixxed them later? Hmm…. Just thought I’d post these pics for discussion!