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  1. Dave Ramsey hates Mavericks

    Don't buy a depreciating asset with debt is actually solid reasoning. And his "snowball" approach towards getting rid of debt helped me a ton. I didn't follow his plan to the letter, I had my toys along the way and didn't eat rice and beans and it took me longer, but I got debt free and then...
  2. Maverick Memes - fun diversion while we wait [ ** NO POLITICS ** ]

    Oh, you're approaching me? I didn't hear you.
  3. Road Noise is horrible in the Maverick 2.0

    Yep, that's the plan. Been hard nearby finding ones to test drive. I just like knowing about the fixes ahead of time. I like the one that someone suggested for engine noise, getting the Bronco Sport's engine cover.
  4. Road Noise is horrible in the Maverick 2.0

    I have two old wagons, a 96 Buick Roadmaster and a 94 Ford Escort. The Buick, being an entry/mid-level luxury brand, has lots of sound deadening in the doors, the floor and the ceiling. It's not perfectly quiet but it's the quietest vehicle I've ever had and I love it. Road noise will slowly...
  5. Owner shows Maverick can carry 3 dirtbikes

    That's not a great loading but impressive they could do it. Have done this with a truck but I have a trailer and the 4k, I'll just do that instead, way easier to load!
  6. Smartphone holder suction mount transforms Maverick dash cubby into functional space

    Not speaking for OP but for myself, when I navigate, I've come to prefer just glancing at the next step for navigation. I really don't like the audio prompts so they're muted. I want the screen much closer to my field of view so I don't have to look far off the road to see directions. The...
  7. 2022 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    I wish we had access to the data of the spreadsheet, not to alter but to crunch numbers ourselves. I was trying to understand how long it was taking between placing an order and scheduling and building. The best I can tell so far is that it was 90 days between an order and scheduling, now its...
  8. Ford surface care mandatory?

    Yah, but I'm sayin', that TruCoat, you don't get it and you get oxidization problems.... /s
  9. Anyone order sunroof? Worth it?

    I enjoy sunroofs. Had it in my Mav build at first, it was an XL w/ EB-AWD, 4k and a sunroof. Came back later and changed it to an XLT, added the lux package and deleted the sunroof. I realized...they're neat, I like them, but I rarely use them. My current daily doesnt have one and I'm...
  10. Maverick Lead to Order Program: have dealer verify you to expedite your retail order

    I also got that email forwarded to me by my dealer, was approved 11/16. so I feel like I'm good, now just trying to understand when to expect a build date. Went EB after seeing the lead time on hybrids so I am hoping maybe it gets scheduled for Jan/Feb sometime?
  11. 📣 11/18 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails showing up]

    this is what I'm trying to figure out, the average time between when an ecoboost order is placed and when it's fulfilled. My dealer did everything right as far as I can tell. Showed me the email that the order was approved to build, now just waiting for a build date. Said to expect 8-12...
  12. My humble review of my new Velocity Blue Maverick XL

    Very nice write up! I fully expect to reach for the invisible column shifter as well!
  13. LOSS of spray in liner

    Good to know, I was wondering that myself since it wasn't specifically called out in the order.
  14. If you don’t have 4K package BUT DO HAVE FX4 - what’s preventing the Maverick from towing 4Klbs?

    I wondered this myself, but ultimately picked the 4k package. I could get by with the 2k towing, but I'll be driving a LOT with this truck and any loads I haul would be really close to 2000 lbs, likely more. I felt like the additional radiator capacity, trans cooler and axle ratio would, for...
  15. Reasons for buying a Maverick

    Well "real" truck owners do! I want to be inconvenienced when doing maintenance!!1!
  16. LOSS of spray in liner

    I just changed my order and my dealer came back to me about this. I said its cool, a drop in will be fine, spray in was a nice to have. Ford is apparently offering $210 for the difference if you want to remove the drop in and go get a spray in liner somewhere. Fair. A bit bummed but if it...
  17. 2022 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Ordered mine yesterday but changed my mind and revised the build today (from xl to xlt, added lux and removed sunroof...has awd and 4k) my guy said 8-12 weeks.
  18. Maverick XLT Cactus Gray 1,000 miles review - pros and cons

    I have a trailer very much like that and would likely tow about 1000lbs worth of motorcycles and gear on it. Basically it would be right at about 2000 lbs, maybe a little over. It looks like maybe you are doing about the same. It didn't feel out of sorts at all? No problems stopping, or...