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  1. Habitat Demographic Survey - Apartment vs House

    I live in a townhouse in the central downtown area of a large city with a small garage that my male partner and I both park our cars in. We attend progressive lifestyle concerts and festivals, volunteer at urban center charity organizations and like to hike. :p
  2. Testing an XLT FX4 EcoBoost this week, questions?

    While waiting for my XL Hybrid to arrive hopefully in January, Ford sent me this nice EcoBoost AWD XLT FX4 to test for the week. I have been practicing squeezing it into my townhouse garage (which also doubles as my video studio). I have been living with it for the last week and learning quite a...
  3. Has anyone noticed?

    You described almost all pickup truck beds.
  4. Road Noise is horrible in the Maverick 2.0

    I don't think it's that loud. I test *a lot* of new vehicles from cheap to expensive. It's middle ground on road noise. The Bronco and Wrangler i had last were a lot louder
  5. Area 51 Bronco

    This last couple of weeks I've been testing an Area 51 Bronco Badlands. It's been nice to have a vehicle in this color since my truck that I ordered is the same. I've gotten to see how the shade looks in all forms of light and it's validated my color selection.
  6. Is sport mode on your Maverick a bit of overkill??

    It's a fun toy but really doesn't ultimately change the power output of the engine. The mode rather changes the throttle response of the drive-by wire throttle body so it feels more hair trigger. It holds the transmission shift points at different spots and tightens its feel so it revs out...
  7. Road & Track review of the Maverick: Perfect Size For City-Truck Duty

    Which is what? First you said you think cars should be reviewed by "blue collar" people - presumably instead of people who's job and expertise is based around doing it (which has nothing whatsoever to do with collar color). I stated that I (and most journalists) aren't swayed by the "perks"...
  8. Road & Track review of the Maverick: Perfect Size For City-Truck Duty

    I dont sell cars for a living. I review them honestly and in an unbiased way regardless of what a manufacturer gives in the way of opportunity or "perks". There are some manufacturers that won't send me cars anymore because they don't like some of the things I've said in honest moments. That is...
  9. Road & Track review of the Maverick: Perfect Size For City-Truck Duty

    That makes no sense. Should we get tired of paid "blue collar people" and wish for our repairs and construction work be done by white collar people? It seems like you would want people who's profession, training, expertise, experience it is for a given area to be the ones you go to for something.
  10. Thinking Ford missed target age

    Product and marketing people always target who they "want", but know it will attract a lot more. There is an old saying in the car business, "You can sell a young man's car to an old man, but you cant sell an old man's car to a young man" Just as the people at Buick.
  11. Naming Your New Maverick

    His lettering is waiting on my desk. Oso Azul
  12. Question about drop-in bed liner -- will flex bed slots for 2x4 and 2x6 boards still be usable?

    Yes they all still exist and work if you get the Ford accessories drop in liner.
  13. Maverick vs Santa Cruz comparison review by Throttle House

    There is that. The Hyundai DCT is an unpredictable box of rocks to drive around in town.
  14. Maverick vs Santa Cruz comparison review by Throttle House

    I'm hoping to line up a Santa Cruz and Maverick at the same time, but very hard in our limited PHX press fleet. Having driven them both briefly and crawled around in them briefly I think that there are a lot of positive and negatives you can say about both. The Maverick is built to a lower cost...
  15. Trim removal, look at pic

    The airbag would almost certainly need to come off before you could see how the plastic trim is attached. Not impossible, just takes some care. In my experience doing exactly this trim project on a few steering wheels in the past decades, often times the plastics are not removable, heat welded...
  16. Bed floor separation / gap from side of bed - normal or issue?

    The entire structure is e-coated in a dip and baked. There is no bare metal.
  17. Shipping Charge Is Excessive!

    It's industry standard.