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  1. Rhode Island Tonneau cover

    Looking to sell my soft folding cover, in RI, travel to MA frequently. Any interest?
  2. What's your Maverick hauling / carrying in the bed?❓ Show & Tell

    First load. Some pipe insulation and lumber. The tailgate position was perfect! The height of the tailgate at the middle position was the same height as the lumber cart.
  3. Picked mine up yesterday!

    More old ranger comparisons…just because! This guy parked next to me today.
  4. Official XL Steel Wheel+Tire Thread

    I was originally looking at replacing the rims but, I really like this look! Maybe paint like cactus gray one? Maybe. Love it!
  5. New Sticker. Appropriate?

    I’m considering a sticker under the window and lettering my trailer with “goose”
  6. Picked mine up yesterday!

    I can’t help hearing “I got my maverick from Mexico “ in the tune of….
  7. Picked mine up yesterday!

    Got it! Ordered 7/21, delivered 11/23. Xl, awd, 4K tow, sunroof, soft folding tonneau. Went through flood Ford Narragansett, RI, no mark up! Super easy.
  8. Any Mavericks available on lot?

    Mine hit the lot yesterday, on my way to pick it up. They had one dealer order on the truck with it. They had someone turn in the dealer to drive it before it was off the truck, bought within the hour of being delivered. My suggestion, talk to the dealerships, get on a call list for when they...
  9. What are you hauling this thanksgiving? 🦃

    Me, after turkey!
  10. Bed rug

    With all the talk of spray in expense and availability, and the bed mat and drop in unavailability, anyone considering the bed rugs? I’ve never had one. I have had a bare bed, no issues except it was really scratched up (it’s a truck, who cares) had a drop in bed liner, was awesome and didn’t...
  11. Drop-in bedliner and mirror turn signals on Maverick - first looks

    I never experienced rust, had a Bed liner on a ‘95 ranger and had from mew to 230k miles, no rust. I abused it too as a contractor. Absolutely no wear underneath
  12. Removing Visor Stickers

    Yup, gotta be an aftermarket visor that simply screws in place of the original. Has to be easier than the peeling, heating, scraping, taping, drinking, drinking… suggestions here. If they really need to go.
  13. Ford Air Design Fender Flares installed on XLT

    Is that a diy tie down in the bed I see?
  14. Removing Visor Stickers

    I tried on an 08 frontier, had soft visors, left a horrible fuzzy square where they were. Won’t try that again
  15. What's your Maverick hauling / carrying in the bed?❓ Show & Tell

    Hauling a** to me! Should be here after next week!
  16. Painted my Maverick

    Not really knocking it but, seeing one and saying “hey that’s neat” and owning one, 2 different things.
  17. Roof rack

    Anyone know if the black filler strips on the roof are removable to expose mounting points? Maybe for an overland style roof rack?
  18. Reasons for buying a Maverick

    Reason # F350: checking the oil. I’d rather not grab my climbing gear before locating the dipstick!
  19. Ford Extended Warranty???

    This will be my 3rd Ford, 95 and 03 rangers before. I had extended warranties on both because I drive a lot and didn’t want to be left with a big repair bill. I drove the 03 till 176k miles and the 95 till 230k miles. The only warranty thing that the extended warranty covered was when my radio...