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  1. Ordered in November. What's my approximate delivery date?

    Same here. Ordered 6/14, build date of 12/13. Hoping to see it in time for grandson's birthday mid-January, but not gonna hold my breath.
  2. 🚨 Hybrid Maverick 2.5L is OKTB!

    Sounds like that was definitely not a good dealership to go through. I'm glad you found another. Maybe ask them to call you if an order with the option you wanted comes in and the person who orders it decides not to take it.
  3. 🚨 Hybrid Maverick 2.5L is OKTB!

    WAHOO and a round of the HALLELUJAH CHORUS!
  4. Naming Your New Maverick

    Idea: Those of you who are thinking of naming your Maverick in honour of Top Gun might consider the name "Cruise." Think of it. You could say, "I'm going Cruisin' " or "I'm taking the Cruiser" or even "I'm taking the Cruise to see my brother." 😆
  5. Naming Your New Maverick

    No name chosen yet. Ours will be hot pepper red, so "Spicey" comes to mind, but I'd like to think up something a bit more clever. Y'know, like that pastor who named his horse "Retreat" so the parish secretary could tell callers that the pastor wasn't available because he was "on Retreat." 😎
  6. Smartphone holder suction mount transforms Maverick dash cubby into functional space

    Hmmm, not sure I'd want something sticking out toward me, incase of collision. Could I break my jaw on it? Would it puncture the air bag? Anyone have safety info?
  7. Ford surface care mandatory?

    Was that true? If so, and you didn't authorise it, I assume you get it for free?
  8. No More Spray In Bedliners (says dealer) ?

    UPDATE! Over the weekend I had sent a note to my dealer with my concern about a possible change from spray-in bedliner to drop-in bedliner. (We now know, thanks to FordVideoGuy, that whatever is on your original DORA is what you will get.) But I wanted to update with his really great...
  9. Am I dumb or something?

    I ordered 6/14 and was scheduled on 10/21 (182 days later). I think you're at day 193, so hopefully you'll be soon. That you have a confirmation email is good. Ask your dealer what your code is and ask them to set it to 10, if it's higher than that. I don't see anything in your order that...
  10. No More Spray In Bedliners (says dealer) ?

    Gosh! That's excellent news! Any idea why it changed on what's shown by Ford in the online tracker for my vehicle? I don't yet have a window sticker (still 3 weeks to production), but here's a photo from the order sheet. UPDATE: And! Mystery of mysteries....the online tracker has now switched...
  11. Spray-in bedliner has now been dropped on the Lux Package

    Thanks for the info. How utterly frustrating! I was waiting for a build date since 6/14 (182 days), and to miss it by a lousy week?!
  12. No More Spray In Bedliners (says dealer) ?

    At least your dealer called you to let you know. Mine hasn't issued a peep. Tim, my order for Maverick XLT hybrid with LUX pkg was confirmed 6/14, got VIN# on Oct 21st with 12/13 build week. I thought the spray-in bedliner was still being offered for those who had a VIN# by end of October...
  13. Spray-in bedliner has now been dropped on the Lux Package

    I thought I got in under the wire too, but even though I had VIN# by Oct 21st (build 12/13) my online accessories list at the Ford tracker site now reads drop-in bedliner. I am going to check and see if the bedliner can be dropped altogether from the XLT LUX pkg, to get a spray-in bedliner...
  14. Spray-in bedliner has now been dropped on the Lux Package

    I got a build date and VIN # on October 21st (for 12/13) and my accessories list now reads "Drop-in Bedliner." I'm kinda bummed.
  15. Drop-in bedliner and mirror turn signals on Maverick - first looks

    Are you referring to a deadline for ordering the spray-in bedliner separately, or for getting a spray-in bedliner with the LUX package? Ordered our XLT hybrid 6/14 and it got scheduled 10/21 for build the week of 12/13. However! I just checked the accessories list and it now says "drop-in...
  16. HOT PEPPER RED Maverick Club

    My Mini Cooper is "Blazing Red Metallic" which does have a little orange in bright sun. It's going on 6 years old, and no fading whatsoever. So I hope our Hot Pepper Red hybrid Maverick will be similar.
  17. Maverick vs Hybrid CUV

    Never have wanted a SUV. Miss our former Ranger and love that the Maverick is a hybrid. It's just time.
  18. 📘 2022 Ford Maverick Owner's Manual [Download PDF Inside]!

    Thanks muchly! Something to do while we wait. I don't think I've ever read the whole of a manual before, but this time we'll all be experts before we even get to drive it once. 😆
  19. No Maverick Scheduling Next Week (11/22)

    Here's a little hope on the horizon: Ford to collaborate with Global Foundries to make chips. "The strategic alliance aims to boost chip supplies by advancing semiconductor technology development and manufacturing in the U.S. Under the non-binding agreement, GlobalFoundries will create...