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  1. XLT Lux hybrid with spray in liner might be a 2023ml

    After seeing the photos of the drop in liner, I wouldn't be disappointed if mine came with it. Considering it's a little cheaper than spray in, Ford should take that off the price or compensate with a fits package or something.
  2. Fat Lady has sung

    I love the if only Ford updated me with no update. If Ford did that, there would just be something else to be upset about.
  3. ⏱ Maverick Scheduling Upcoming Week (11/29) For 5 Production Build Weeks: 1/3/22 – 1/31/22 !

    I never got an email but my dealer did provide me with a DORA that has my order numbers and dealer/sales code. I contacted Ford Marketing and Ford CS chat and both confirmed my order was received. They mentioned there was an error and some did not receive confirmation emails.
  4. No spray-in bedliner if no VIn yet.

    I originally ordered my XLT with luxury package on October 19th. I made a change to the build November 18th. The dealer sent me a new DORA which is dated November 18th (with an October 19th order date) that still shows spray in bedliner under luxury package.
  5. ⏱ Maverick Scheduling Upcoming Week (11/29) For 5 Production Build Weeks: 1/3/22 – 1/31/22 !

    Does this mean emails will go out the 29th or the Thursday that week which is the 2nd?
  6. All-New 2023 Ford Ranger Revealed!

    I doubt the larger screen would come to the Maverick. They have to save some things for the Ranger.
  7. Fat Lady has sung

    If we're using sport metaphors, keep in mind the Ford family owns the Lions so....
  8. Fat Lady has sung

    Oh yeah I'm sure Ford giving you a fake build date would make things better.
  9. Financing % rate lower than 1.9% for 60 months?

    Alliant Credit Union is 1.9 up to 60 months and 2.34 at 72 months.
  10. Information blackout

    What do you want Ford to tell you, we still don't have the parts to make your truck?
  11. OFFER NOW CLOSED - 400 ORDERS!!! - THANK YOU!!! - 4% under invoice with @dealersider

    I made a change a couple days after I placed my order. The sheet the dealer gave me had the order receipt date as the same day I placed the order and a DORA processed date as the date I requested the change.
  12. Not Taking Delivery

    When you post something publicly on an internet message forum, you are asking for feedback. What is transparency? What exactly does Ford need to be transparent about? You didn't buy anything else so what problem was there with waiting? In case you haven't noticed, there is a supply chain...
  13. Not Taking Delivery

    Seems like buyer's remorse more than Ford not being "transparent" with you. You would have moved on from your 22k mile car if Ford was more "transparent" with you, whatever that transparency entails?
  14. Fat Lady has sung

    Hopefully you aren't going to get a Toyota. I read there is a 1.5 year wait on Tundras (Tacomas not too far behind) and Toyota doesn't even take dealer orders. It's like there is a supply chain shortage or something.
  15. Drop-in bedliner and mirror turn signals on Maverick - first looks

    I didn't think it was going to contour the bed as well as it does. I had an 89 Ranger with a drop-in and it was basically a plastic tub. It seems like all the accessories will work fine which was my concern with the drop-in. I would be fine with either.
  16. I ordered a Jeep 4xe today

    I hate when people complain about an order from 5 months ago. You knew production wasn't going to start until the fall. It has been 2 months at most.
  17. Naming Your New Maverick

    Dirk after Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks even though I am no fan of Nowitzki or the Dallas Mavericks.
  18. Michiganders

    Anyone else order with Roy O'Brien? I have an uneasy feeling. I never got the confirmation email from Ford but I have contacted Ford Marketing and they confirmed my order. I requested some updates to my order and Roy O'Brien was suppose to email me and I haven't received anything. I did this...
  19. ordering time frame

    I don't understand the complaining from the people who ordered in June. They knew production wasn't even going to start until the fall. Ford didn't start production until mid to late September so it really has only been two months. I ordered an Ecoboost October 18th. Still no build date. It's...
  20. OFFER NOW CLOSED - 400 ORDERS!!! - THANK YOU!!! - 4% under invoice with @dealersider

    I'm in the same boat. Ultimately, I would rather wait and get the exact build I want than to take something else just to receive it quicker.