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  1. Hybrid MODULES popped today....when will Maverick ship? Veteran certificate expires 1/3/22.

    Never mind, saw your later post. When did you get out? It looked like Ford was only going to give the discount to Vets within 24 months of separation or full retirees. Just curious because I always got my discounts before but was a bit put off by what they were doing now. I hope my time in...
  2. Hybrid MODULES popped today....when will Maverick ship? Veteran certificate expires 1/3/22.

    What's the Veteran 1000 ? I haven't heard of that? Is it like through Ford or The VFW ? I'm a Life Member there.
  3. Anyone else “In Production” ?

    Wow, checked and saw a Window Sticker this morning. FINALLY Ford knows who I am again;) Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha I freaking crack me up:) Ford and my dealer could give a Rats Ass who I am, as long as the check clears that's all I represent to them and to my dealership, I'm a pain because I'm getting X...
  4. Fat Lady has sung

    Wait Tom, didn't we wait 84 years for a World Series Win? If you got the Hybrid I'm pretty sure they're all gonna show up very early January. My Wife’s XLT AWD is, supposedly, in production (for 12/02) so I know she's not going to see it till by mid January too (ordered July 2nd). But good luck...
  5. Road & Track review of the Maverick: Perfect Size For City-Truck Duty

    So the reviewer said; "Design-wise, its looks are a bit cartoonish. I can’t help feeling like the Maverick’s front-end is sporting a stupid shit-eating grin. It’s not ugly. It just has a very punchable face" Yeah, that shit eating grin is from eating the competitions lunch;)
  6. Anyone else “In Production” ?

    I thought I read another post a few months ago that said the sticker shows when it gets a VIN Number (bu only for a day or two) then within days of the build
  7. Ford surface care mandatory?

    Someone once said “Trust but verify” I live by the Mantra of “Distrust till proven wrong, each and every time.”
  8. Ford surface care mandatory?

    I’m sure we need that and when I purchase it I’ll get a New Finnegan Pin too;). What freaking jerks some of these dealers are. Don’t put up with that crap!!!!!
  9. Anyone else “In Production” ?

    Hers was for the week of Nov 29th too with a build date of Dec 2nd (per my dealer). I think ‘In Production “ may mean that we have a hard build date now instead of just the general week of build. Cool;)
  10. Anyone else “In Production” ?

    Adam don’t forget to check that’s how I found out, no email or dealer contact (they actually stopped returning my calls and I’ve bought 7 new vehicles from them over the years;) Good Luck;)
  11. Anyone else “In Production” ?

    Thank you Big T, I hope you gets yours January 1st !!!!!
  12. Anyone else “In Production” ?

    Yes my Wife had the 1st week of Nov, then moved to Nov 9th then to the week of nov 29th then a build date of Dec 2nd;)
  13. Thinking Ford missed target age

    Excellent point. I drive a 150, my wife loves her little Fiesta. I showed her the Maverick Pics July first and she said “I want it” and I ordered it July 2nd. It’s in production as of today. I see another Christmas Present under the tree for her;)
  14. Anyone else “In Production” ?

    Ok, checked my Wife’s status today and it’s now listed as In Production!!!!! we had a build date of December 2nd and it seems that is coming to fruition. ordered July 2nd an XLT AWD with The Luxury Package, Ford360 and a Spare Tire in Hot Pepper Red. The original order had the soft Tonneau...
  15. My humble review of my new Velocity Blue Maverick XL

    Excellent review!!! And Ford take note, if you're only marketing to ages 18 to 30 you're potentially missing a HUGE market. Although, we know a good thing (and deal) when we see it and don't really need to be "Sold" on it. Maybe Ford just doesn't want to "Old Fogey" up their ads:)
  16. Rear Seat Floor In-Vehicle Locking Safe by Console Vault - new Maverick Ford accessory part

    What would have been cheaper was if the front console was locking in the 1st place and big enough to hold a Glock 19 or even a 43X (Hers:), ah I just remembered it never leaves my hip anyways. Still would have been nice:)
  17. Maverick Specialist: Hybrid EPA Certification is 'In', Spray In Liner Confirmation and 'The Queue'

    Tim you are without a doubt Da Man:) Oh, I have a build date of Dec 2nd (XLT AWD with The Luxury Package etc) and I believe, I believe....stop Uncle Fred, stop. There's Santa's Cane by the fireplace:) Sorry, I dozed off for a second did I miss anything;)
  18. Has anyone been able to buy (not order) a Mav without ADM in the Chicago area?

    I think you’d have better luck searching for a Finnegan Pin then an in stock Maverick with no ADM. but I don’t think either exists;)
  19. Trifecta Tri-Folding Tonneau Cover by Extang installed on Maverick

    Wow went to their website that one lists for $409.00, they must be doing surge pricing, or they think they're Lyft or Uber;) but they have 2 local dealers so I'll see if there's any special pricing going on. Looks good too.