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  1. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    No problem. let me know how it goes for you.
  2. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    One mans crap is another mans treasure.
  3. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    Temporarily place it on the bed, (masking tape),put a flashlight in the bed, shut the tailgate and and look at the gap. it will do absolutely nothing to seal it there . It's not what I think, It's what I know. nothing is 100% but we are talking about a Maverick, right?
  4. Wheel Theft worries

    Good to know!
  5. Wheel Theft worries

    I’m thinking about getting some OEM locking lugs with Ford bucks. Better safe(er) than sorry 😣
  6. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    I just noticed the illustration from Cabelas shows it mounted on the bed, not the gate. That would not work on the Maverick ! The type of seal might work fine but it has to go on the tailgate.
  7. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    That’s the size of mine. Glad you found it. That kit from Cabela’s above looks pretty good too. I see it has the 3m tape but to be honest weatherstrip glue from 3m would work great on the one from Steele.
  8. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    I think a little smaller would be in order. Just measured it it’s 1/2 in on the round part.
  9. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    Its called "P" profile stripping and they have lots of sizes
  10. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    I will check later and see if I can find the one at Steele. It's a whole lot like 3/8 trunk lid seal for 50's and early 60's cars
  11. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    You're welcome. I haul crap at times but I also haul music equipment and luggage that I like to keep clean. As for the Escape question. Been there, done that. I like pickups (see my avatar)
  12. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    Sorry, that’s the weather strip that came with my Gator cover. But I know you can get it from Steele rubber products.
  13. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    Keep out rain, dust, snow, insects, in short, that’s a big gap back there and if you are using a tonneau and are carrying nice stuff you will need it
  14. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    Remembered the way to do most weatherstripping. Place it on the moveable part!
  15. Splash guards OEM Ford .if anyone is interested full sets front and back

    Arkansas charges sales tax on ANY internet purchase! [email protected]#$%^&*
  16. Splash guards OEM Ford .if anyone is interested full sets front and back

    ordered these from BLueOvalindustries via ebay and installed last week. Fit is as expected, all hardware included. I had to pay Tax :( but it was quick shipping.
  17. Highway Robbery on

    WOW, just WOW !! I never thought I'd own a $70,000 vehicle! I've finally made the big time! :D :D :D o_O