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  1. Tailgate sticker $24 on Etsy

    If these are the same as the ones on eBay - Yes - they are reflective at night
  2. Tailgate sticker $24 on Etsy

    You did a perfect job applying those. Nice work.
  3. Tailgate sticker $24 on Etsy

    I believe they are yes
  4. Hybrid Maverick 2.5 MPG Mileage Test - by TFL

    Great video !!!! Thank You !!!!
  5. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    Do you mean like this ? Thank you for your help Ringo.
  6. Annoying and Worrying Rattle

    Thank for for showing how it resolved for you. This is a help in case others run into this issue. Much Appreciated.
  7. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    My guess is maybe this one ?
  8. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    Steele Rubber Products has tons of weather strip options. Can you suggest a name to search to it looks like the one you used ? Or maybe a link from their site so I order the correct one ? Very much appreciated.
  9. License plate location

    I love it
  10. AIR DESIGN SATIN BLACK DOOR MOLDING - Good for Protecting Doors Against Door Hits ?

    Ford website describes the Air Design Satin Black Door Molding as: "These Door Molding kits are sized to fit your Maverick and help provide protection against road debris." Would the Door Molding also protect the Maverick's Door's against being HIT/DENTED by someone else's doors being opened...
  11. Family-use review of Ford Maverick (Micah Drives)

    This was a really well done review !