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  1. Closer look at Satin Black Hood Scoop installed on Maverick

    If you can't take opinions and feedback, positive and negative, don't post. It's that simple.
  2. Dealers saying customer's Maverick orders were canceled by Ford

    Ford's roll out of build on demand is not going very smooth. First the virus, then supply chain issues, now inept dealers. If this is going to work, Ford's higher echelons will need to step in and have some Come-to-Jesus meetings with the rank and file.
  3. Song game thread

    The Pink Panther Theme Song - Henry Mancini
  4. HYBRID Maverick: underhood / undercarriage / underbody - here's a video if you're interested

    My EB Fusion had a large panel that I had to remove to do oil changes. 10 extra minutes a couple times a year, no big deal. I used my battery powered impact and the bolts zipped in and out pretty quick. Those panels help aerodynamics, protect engine components from road debris and make the...
  5. Song game thread

    Call me - Blondie Blondie - Call Me (Official Video) - YouTube
  6. Blue or Black?

    Black with gold is a winner.
  7. Hybrid engine performance question

    Time will tell if the aftermarket tuners want to jump into the hybrid market. Our 19 hybrid Accord has plenty of power, hit the gas on an on ramp and it zips right up to 70 mph. I had a 5 speed 03 Civic. 1.7L, 115hp/110tq. At 300k, I was still getting 38 mpg, it was a fun car to drive, lots...
  8. Emergency Stuff in Your Truck? What Do You Carry For Emergencies?

    I've used them several times, if you go cheap and get a small one they have a hard time turning over a big engine, especially if it is cold. We hike a lot and keep a "hiking" kit. Water, cell battery packs, flashlight, strobe light, mini-air horn, first aid kit, fire starter and rain gear. I...
  9. Naming Your New Maverick

    Since mine is Cactus Gray and many Cacti live in the Southwest, and the Southwest is cowboy country, I'm going with Gaucho or Mr. Taggart.
  10. Naming Your New Maverick

    Everybody is going to think you named it after Dirk Diggler.
  11. Anyone order sunroof? Worth it?

    FE is sold out, so no more.
  12. Anyone order sunroof? Worth it?

    I prefer a ragtop, the moonroof is the next best thing.
  13. Closer look at Satin Black Hood Scoop installed on Maverick

    I like it but since all it does is sit there, a matte black decal looks just as good for way less money.
  14. Emergency Stuff in Your Truck? What Do You Carry For Emergencies?

    Bond Rowdy .410 Derringer Sccy CPX 9mm Portable jump starter Flashlight HF tarp
  15. Upgraded 2.0 EcoBoost turbos coming from Buschur, pics of the tiny stock factory turbo

    I'm 61, I still remember when guys were hot rodding flat heads. Model T's and Model A's were still common at drag strips. In the old days, first thing you rejetted the carb, then swapped out to a larger carb, more timing, headers and dual exhaust. Then you installed a bigger cam, then you...
  16. Larger antenna for weak (distant) AM/FM signals

    As a kid living in Arizona, I tuned into Wolfman Jack every night on AM radio. Still love AM radio to this day.
  17. Fat Lady has sung

    Unless you get lucky and find something on a dealer lot, what do you gain by walking away from Ford? The local car lots here have nothing new, except for Ford that has F150's and a few Explorers. Honda has two, Toyota zero, Kia zero, Hyundia zero.
  18. Shelby Maverick Rendering

    ...with deeper pockets...
  19. Shelby Maverick Rendering

    I'm still at a loss. how race enters into the conversation. It would appear that the Taco guy is a D-bag and does not warrant a conversation with. The Maverick is made in Mexico. How is a truck made in Mexico different than a motorcycle made in Japan? My point is that if you want a...
  20. Thinking of making a few decals.. +Best color poll

    I would say matte black to match the trim. Don't want too many colors going on.